who owns Blue Buffalo dog food

Who Owns Blue Buffalo Dog Food?

Blue Buffalo Pet Products is owned by General Mills who acquired it for $8 billion in cash back in 2018. General Mills is an American manufacturer of branded consumer food products.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Previous Owners

Blue Buffalo Pet Products was founded by Bill Bishop in Wilton, Connecticut back in 2002.

The Bishop family had an Airedale named Blue who was fighting cancer. Their dog`s struggle with cancer prompted them to become dedicated students of pet health issues.

Bill Bishop worked with veterinarians and animal nutritionists to develop BLUE Life Protection Formula for dogs and cats.

Their formula has grown to become the number 1 best selling natural pet food in America.

After years of growing the company and keeping millions of pets health, the Bishops sold Blue Buffalo Pet Products to General Mills for $8 billion.

Blue Buffalo Pet Products CEO

Blue Buffalo`s current CEO is William (Billy) Bishop JR. Billy cofounded the Blue Buffalo Pet Products company with his father, Bill and brother, Chris.

He also leads the General Mills pet segment which included Blue Buffalo Pet Products.

General Mills Pet Health Commitment

General Mills has repeatedly mentioned their commitment to pet health and they have demonstrated their ambition by maintaining Blue Buffalo as a natural pet food product.

No artificial ingredients are used in any Blue Buffalo dog food recipes.

The company has also preserved the original values and beliefs of the Blue Buffalo Pet Products company by allowing its cofounder to lead and supervise all operations.

Can You Trust Blue Buffalo Dog Food?

Blue Buffalo is the number 1 natural pet food product in America for a good reason.

Their commitment to pet health issues is demonstrated by the company`s dedication to using natural ingredients in their formulas and recipes.

No artificial ingredients are used in any Blue Buffalo recipes so you are guaranteed of the brand`s safety to your dog.

Blue Buffalo dog food is AAFCO approved and they only have one voluntary recall of their products as recorded by the FDA.

The FDA records that Blue Buffalo voluntarily recalled their Blue Wilderness, Rocky Mountain Recipe due to elevated levels of naturally- occurring beef thyroid hormones.

Blue Buffalo is definitely a brand you can trust with your dog`s safety and health. All their recipes are formulated to meet the AAFCO nutritional guidelines and the ingredients are 100% organic.