Where Is Purina Dog Food Made?

Purina is one of the largest pet food companies in the world. The company employees over 15,000 employees around the world and they also attract millions of pet owners as customers.

But whilst Purina is a popular pet care company, many of their customers don’t really know much about their chain of production and criteria for sourcing ingredients. This guide aims to answer one common question around this issue; where is Purina dog food made?

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Brand Name:Purina Dog Food
Where It Is Made:United States (99%)
Owner:Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

Where Is Purina Dog Food Made?

where is purina dog food made

Purina dog food is a brand made in the United States. The manufacturers of the product have revealed that 99% of all Purina dog food sold in the United States is actually made inside the country. Purina have many company-owned manufacturing factories and facilities where all their production is done.

Some of the manufacturing facilities of Purina dog food are located in Missouri and Georgia. You can check out the table below for a detailed summary of all the manufacturing facilities where Purina dog food is made inside the United States.

Purina Dog Food Manufacturing FacilityStateAddress
Nestle Purina Fort DodgeIowa2400 5th Ave S, Fort Dodge, IA 50501, United States
Nestle Purina – FlagstaffArizona4700 E Nestle Purina Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, United States
Nestle Purina – St. JosephMissouri4502 Packers Ave, St Joseph, MO 64504, United States
Nestle Purina – AllentownPennsylvania2050 Pope Rd, Allentown, PA 18104, United States
Nestle Purina – HartwellGeorgia266 Industrial Park Rd, Hartwell, GA 30643, United States

There are other Purina dog food facilities inside the United States where production is done but many of them are just distribution points for the products.

Is Purina Dog Food Made In China?

Purina dog food formulas are not made in China. However, some Purina dog treats are made in China and other countries. One internet user recently called Purina and was informed that most of their dog food is manufactured at their facilities in Missouri, United States but some of their dog treats are manufactured at facilities in China and other countries.

Where Does Purina Source Their Meat?

According to the latest data released by Purina, most of their meat is sourced inside the United States. Purina have said that 100% of their beef along with 99% of their poultry is sourced in the U.S.

Where Does Purina Source Its Ingredients?

where does purina source their ingredients

A huge percentage of the ingredients used to make Purina products is sourced in the United States. Although, the company has admitted to sourcing some of their ingredients from other countries, they have assured their customers of quality.

Sourcing data of Purina dated August 1, 2020 suggests that over 90% of all ingredients used to make Purina dog food and products is sourced inside the United States.

Here is a brief summary of the sourcing data:

Purina IngredientPercentages Sourced In The United States
source: Purina

Who Makes Purina Dog Food?

As mentioned earlier, Purina makes their own dog food and products at their company-owned manufacturing facilities inside the United States and other countries.

Who Owns Purina Dog Food?

who owns purina

Purina dog food is owned and manufactured by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. The company was founded on December 12, 2001 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States and they are a subsidiary of Nestlé. Purina is in the business of manufacturing pet food, treats and cat litter.

The company also owns other pet food brands that you might be familiar with. Here are some of the pet food brands that are also owned by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company:

  • Friskies
  • Purina One
  • Beyond
  • Muse
  • Cat Chow
  • Dog Chow
  • Fancy Feast
  • Beneful
  • Tidy Cats
  • Alpo

Purina dog food comes in both dry and canned formulas for dogs of all ages and size. They also manufacturer special care formulas for dogs with allergies and unique nutritional needs.

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