where is purina dog food made and manufactured

Where Is Purina Dog Food Made?

Purina is one of the most celebrated dog food brands in the United States.

They are the second largest pet food company in the world and they are the largest U.S.

Today, I am going to be covering one of the questions that the many Purina customers get to ask often.

Where is Purina dog food manufactured?

Let`s dive in.

Where Is Purina Dog Food Manufactured?

A huge portion of all Purina dog foods are manufactured inside the United States. The company pride themselves in not only making their products inside the U.S but that is where they also source most of their ingredients as well.

America is one of the most difficult places to start a pet food manufacturing business since the industry is highly regulated.

The FDA have recalled a lot of pet food brands in the last few years so many businesses just find it safer to manufacture close to the regulation authorities in order to avoid any confusion and minimize the risk of being recalled.

Product quality and safety is a top priority for the FDA when it comes to pet food so it actually make sense that big and noticeable businesses like Purina are doing their best to not get in the way of authorities.

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Why Does Purina Manufacture Inside The United States?

Purina is actually a United States company with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri so it actually makes sense that they make most of their products within the country.

The U.S is where their customer base is concentrated so they can actually reduce delivery costs if they just manufacture their products closer to the customer.

So if you are looking for dog food brands that manufacture inside the United States then Purina can be a great choice for you.

Is All Purina Dog Food Made In The U.S.A?

According to Purina`s official website 99 percent of their products are manufactures inside the United States Of America.

The remaining 1 percent is manufactured in some of their factories around the world.

Does Purina Source From China?

There is a chance that Purina might be sourcing some of their ingredients from China but the company has recently revealed that they source most of their ingredients inside the U.S.A.

As mentioned earlier, a huge portion of Purina customers are based inside the United States so it would actually make business sense if they just source their ingredients and manufacture their products closer to the customer.

This can help reduce manufacturing time, delivery costs and so much more.

Does Purina Own Their Manufacturing Plants?

purina pet food manufacturing plant and facility

Purina owns and operates a number of factories and facilities inside the United States.

This is where they manufacture their products.

The company has revealed that owning their manufacturing factories and facilities makes it easier for them to monitor the quality of their dog food and track ingredients from when they arrive to when they’re formulated into dog food bags.

Plus, all of their U.S. facilities have on-site quality assurance laboratories and staff to help with monitoring the safety and nutrition value their dog food products.


Purina is the largest pet food manufacturing business inside the U.S and they manufacture most of the dog food brands inside the country.

The company has also revealed that they not only make their products within the United States but they also source most of their ingredients inside the country.