where is merrick dog food made

Where Is Merrick Dog Food Made?

Merrick are known for their commitment to high quality pet nutrition products. The company has been serving American pet owners since 1988 and their recipes have been received well by our fury friends.

In this article I am going to be answering some background questions about the brand whilst focusing on their dog products.

Where is Merrick dog food made? Is Merrick dog food made in the USA? Where to buy Merrick dog food?

These are some of the questions I am going to be covering.

So without wasting much of your time, let`s get started.

Where Exactly Is Merrick Dog Food Made?

Merrick dog food is made in the USA. The company has been producing all their dog products inside the United States since 1988. Garth Merrick developed the first Merrick recipe over 30 years ago in his family kitchen in Hereford, Texas.

Does Merrick Outsource Ingredients From China?

Merrick are committed to producing natural and organic pet food for their customers so none of their ingredients are sourced from China.

The majority of their ingredients are organically grown by selected local farmers inside the United States Of America.

You can definitely rely on Merrick to deliver quality dog food made from highly nutritious natural ingredients.

Merrick Dog Food Recipe Standards

Garth Merrick expressed the necessity of standards within the pet food industry when he founded the company in 1988 and the management team has done their best to preserve their founder`s vision and beliefs.

Here is a glimpse of the standards used by Merrick to develop their dog food recipes:

  1. All recipes are crafted and tested inside Garth`s original kitchen.
  2. Using highly nutritious and quality ingredients to produce health pet food formulas.
  3. Using fresh whole foods produced by selected farmers that are known and trusted by the company.
  4. Not using preservatives or any artificial ingredients in their recipes.

Where Can You Buy Merrick Dog Food?

Merrick produces quality dog food products and they are definitely a good brand to consider for your pooch.

Their products can be found in local pet stores but you can also make the shopping experience easier by doing it online.

Here are some of the online stores where you can buy Merrick dog food:


Amazon is a very popular brand in the E-Commerce industry that has been serving millions of customers in various niches. Merrick dog food is currently available on the website.


Petco is a very well known pet retailer inside the United States. They are mostly known for their physical locations across the country but you can also shop all Petco products online.

Merrick is one of the dog food brands being offered by Petco on their official website.


PetSmart is another pet retailer based in the United States. The company has a huge selection of pet supplies and Merrick is one of their offerings in the dog food category.


Founded in 2009, PetFlow has grown to become a strong competitor in the pet supplies business. They offer a range of products and you can also buy Merrick dog food on their website.


Chewy is an online only pet retailer based in the United States. The company offer a huge selection of pet products and they have been gaining a lot of traction from pet owners because of their save and autoship service.

The save and autoship service allow customers to pick products their pets regularly use and have them autoshipped every month.

This can save you a lot of time and money when buying any product for your dog.

The Chewy online store have all Merrick dog food formulas available for purchase on their website.


All Merrick dog food products are made inside the United States Of America. The company was founded in 1988 by Garth Merrick in Hereford, Texas.

None of their ingredients are outsourced from other countries. Merrick is committed to producing high quality pet food made from real whole food ingredients grown by selected local farmers.