Where Is 4Health Dog Food Made?

4Health dog food is made in the USA. The company outsource their production to Diamond Pet Foods owned manufacturing facilities in Missouri, California and South Carolina.

Who Makes 4Health Dog Food?

4Health dog food is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods at their manufacturing facilities. However, the 4Health brand is owned by Tractor Supply but they just outsource their production.

Is 4Health Dog Food Made In China?

4Health dog food is not made in China. Production of all 4Health pet food formulas is done inside the USA.

The brand has stated their dedication to safety and animal health by adhering to the FDA regulations and AAFCO nutritional guidelines.

Where Does 4Health Get Their Ingredients?

4Health is a private label brand owned by Tractor supply. The company does not produce their products but they actively involved in choosing the ingredients and formulating their own recipes.

Ingredients for 4Health dog food are mainly sourced inside the United States but they also go around the world to find complementary ingredients for their dog food recipes.

Where To Buy 4Health Dog Food

You can get 4Health dog food at any Tractor supply store and many other local pet stores.

I tried searching 4Health dog food on major online pet stores but I could not find the brand on many of them.

However 4Health dog food is available on major online stores like Amazon.


4Health dog food is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods at their manufacturing facilities in the USA. The brand is a private label owned by Tractor supply but they outsource their production to Diamond Pet Foods.

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