Where Is 4Health Dog Food Made?

Pet owners are becoming more conscious of the ingredients used to make various dog food brands and many of them are also using a brand’s chain of production as a factor to decide whether it is best for their pet.

This guide aims to answer a question that many pet owners have been asking; where is 4Health dog food made?

I am going to be outlining the location where 4Health dog food is produced and also help you understand more about their ingredient sourcing.

Let’s get started.

Brand Name:4Health Dog Food
Where It Is Made:United States
Who Makes It:Diamond Pet Foods
Owner:Tractor Supply Company

Where Is 4Health Dog Food Made?

where is 4health dog food made

4Health dog food is made in the United States by Diamond Pet Foods on behalf of the Tractor Supply Company. The makers of 4Health dog food have 5 manufacturing facilities inside the United States. Two of their manufacturing facilities are currently located in California whilst the other three are located in Missouri, Arkansas and Missouri.

Most of the ingredients used to make 4Health dog food are also sourced from trusted sources within the United States but there is a significant amount of the ingredients that is sourced from other countries.

Is 4Health Dog Food Made In China?

4Health dog food is not made in China. The manufacturers of 4Health dog food have their factories in the United States, where all their products are produced. There is no dog food under the 4Health brand that has been produced in China but the company has not directly mentioned if any ingredients are sourced from China.

Here is an official statement from the makers of 4Health dog food on their ingredient sourcing;

We only offer foods we’d be proud to serve our own pets. That’s why every formula is made in the USA with quality ingredients from trusted local and global sources.

Who Makes 4Health Dog Food?

4 Health dog food is made by Diamond Pet Foods on behalf of the Tractor Supply Company. Diamond Pet Foods are a family-owned pet food manufacturer that was founded in 1970. All their manufacturing facilities are located inside the United States by a team of experts who are dedicated to producing high quality products that are safe for your pet.

Who Owns 4Health Dog Food?

who owns 4health dog food

4Health dog food is a private label brand that is owned by the Tractor Supply Company. Tractor Supply is a chain of retail stores that mostly sell products in the home improvement and pet care category. The company is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, United States and they currently operate 1,923 locations.

The 4Health dog food brand is available for purchase at any Tractor Supply store location and many online and offline channels where pet food is sold.

Is 4Health Dog Food Made By Blue Buffalo?

No. 4Health dog food is not made by Blue Buffalo. These are completely different companies which operate separately and also owned by different entities.

What Is 4Health Dog Food?

4Health dog food can be described as a premium but affordable brand that is owned by Tractor Supply Co. The brand has a good number of formulas on their product line and they mostly use meat as the first ingredient for all their products. 4Health dog food products are not made using poultry-by-product meal, artificial flavors, wheat, corn and soy.

This make all the 4Health dog food formulas a goldmine of the essential nutrients that dogs require for growth, development and body function.

Here are some of the formulas that are currently available on the 4Health dog food brand:

  • Puppy Formula.
  • Adult Formulas.
  • Grain-Free Formulas.
  • Special Care Formulas.

There are many formulas under the 4Health dog food brand and the company is very dedicated to making each formula safe for our canine friends.

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