Sebastian Topete- Age, Birthday, Birth Chart, Zodiac Sign

Sebastian Topete is a social media star and internet celebrity who is popularly known for his lip-sync videos on various social media platforms. He has been active on social media since 2015 but his major breakthrough came when he joined the viral social media app TikTok.

TikTok has been the breakthrough app for Sebastian Topete. His collaboration fellow social media personality Danielle Cohn has been well received by fans and many TikTok users. The video collaborations by Sebastian Topete and Danielle Cohn have been viewed by millions of people and also attracted a lot of followers for the two stars.

Sebastian Topete currently has over 2.9 million followers and over 94 million likes on TikTok. He is also active on other social media platforms like Instagram where he currently has over 600,000 followers.

Some of the viral creations of Sebastian Topete include his lip-sync videos to songs sung by artists like Kid Cudi, Lil Pump and Kalin and Myles.

The young social media star has severally stated that he was inspired by Steven Fernandez who regularly upload videos on YouTube.

This guide features some facts that you may want to know about Sebastian Topete. I am going to be breaking down everything about Sebastian Topete’s age, birthday, birth chart, zodiac sign and so much more.

Let’s get started.

Name:Sebastian Topete
Birthday:December 5, 2000
Birthplace:Los Angeles, California, United States
Age/How Old:20 years
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius

Age: How Old Is Sebastian Topete?

Sebastian Topete is currently 20 years old. It is amazing how much Sebastian has achieved at such a young age. He is definitely a true example of how young people are using the internet to transform their lives and make a positive impact in the world.

Sebastian Topete Age

When Is Sebastian Topete’s Birthday?

Sebastian Topete was born on December 5, 2000. He was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. Very little is known about how Sebastian Topete like to celebrate his birthdays but we do know that he usually likes to spend time with family and friends.

Sebastian Topete Birthday

Sebastian Topete Birth Chart

The following table is a detailed breakdown of the positions of the planets in Sebastian Topete’s birth chart, by sign and degree.

Sebastian Topete Birth Chart
N NodeCancer15°43′ 

The Sun in Sagittarius people are usually restless, cheerful and friendly. They are mostly known for their love of freedom and contempt of routine. Sun in Sagittarius people find it very easy to make friends with individuals from all walks of life because of their easy going nature.

Sebastian Topete Zodiac Sign

Sebastian Topete Zodiac Sign

Sebastian Topete’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. This is the 9th astrological sign of the zodiac and Sagittarians are mostly known for being optimistic, restless, progressive, and adventurous. Sagittarians are also lovers of freedom who usually embrace individuality rather than following the crowd.

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