Patrick Bet-David Quotes

This guide covers some of my favorite Patrick Bet-David quotes.

These are ideas and life lessons that have fundamentally transformed my life so I have no doubt on their power to impact your life as well. Patrick Bet-David is one man who shares practical wisdom that is not based on wishful thinking.

Taking the time to meditate and reflect on these quotes can be the starting point to transforming our lives and realizing our dreams.

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Who Is Patrick Bet-David?

Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and business coach who is famously known for being the founder of PHP Agency, Inc. and Valuetainment Media LLC. The life-story of Patrick Bet-David is definitely an inspiration to millions of entrepreneurs who are pursuing success in the business world.

Bet-David started his company, PHP Agency, Inc. back in 2009. The company started in Northridge, California with one office and 66 agents and now they have multiple offices and over 17,000 individuals who have become licensed agents.

Valuetainment Media LLC has also been experiencing exponential growth. They currently have over 3 million subscribers and 300 million total video views on YouTube. They also have millions of followers on other social media platforms.

Top 10 Patrick Bet-David Quotes

Here are some of my favorite Patrick Bet-David quotes about business, entrepreneurship, life, success and so much more:

Patrick Bet-David Quotes

1. “If you always make the right decision, the safe decision, the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else.” -Patrick Bet-David

This quote always reminds me that it is definitely okay to be different. To become a better version of themselves and reach their full potential, one needs to make independent decisions that are a result of deep introspection rather than just following the crowd and imitating other people’s decisions.

2. “We never feel completely ready for life’s big decisions; but in taking the leap, we push ourselves to the next level.” -Patrick Bet-David

Waiting for the perfect time, place, environment or conditions can limit our capacity and stop us from realizing our dreams. Sometimes we have to take the leap of faith and push ourselves to the next level regardless of challenges, environment or unique circumstances that we might be facing.

3. “What it all boils down to is that alignment is the key to fulfillment. Keep these things in mind: Your vision must align with who you want to be. Your choices must align with your vision. Your effort must align with the size of your vision. Your behavior must align with your values and principles.” -Patrick Bet-David

This helped me to realize the level of intentional effort that goes into achieving wild success. Eliminating luck in the equation of success requires that we are intentional about the actions and choices that will help us achieve our dreams.

4. “The moment you understand who you will have to spend the rest of your life with and learn to accept it, you’ll eliminate self-judgment, which will empower you to make more bold moves. It will minimize overthinking and increase execution.” -Patrick Bet-David

Self-judgement is one reason why many people fail to realize their dreams and achieve their goals. We owe it to ourselves to disarm the little voice of self-judgement that is limiting our capacity to perform at the highest level.

5. “Your anger at others dies out once you see that no one but you controls your fate.”-Patrick Bet-David

“When I first read this quote I was reminded of what William Ernest Henley said in his poem- Invictus. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” We are in control of our fate and where we end up in life.

6. “You must act like a great company (or a great entrepreneur/intrapreneur) long before you ever become one.” -Patrick Bet-David

Everything in existence was once an idea. We should not wait until we become great in order to act greatly. We rather need to act greatly in order to become great.

7. “When you study the most important person (you), you will begin to learn how to conquer the most important person who is holding you back (you).” -Patrick Bet-David

Often times than not, we personally hold ourselves back and limit our capacity to reach our full potential. The study of self is the first step to conquering the one individual that has been keeping us from realizing our goals.

8. “You’re going to use experiences to become either bitter or better. To get better you must reflect on your mistakes.” -Patrick Bet-David

Choosing positivity in the midst of negativity is a strong foundation for success and living a happy life. Patrick Bet-David urges us to use experiences to become better instead of bitter. The only time we should look in the past is to draw lessons not bitterness.

9. “Worried genius or happy simpleton? The moment you get caught with the reading bug and learning, you get addicted to it, and you have to know that your mind is going to process stuff and the debate starts happening [in the head] and it’s forever— it never stops. You lose a little bit of happiness when you get too interested in wanting to get certain questions answered in life because it’s never going to end. If you choose to subscribe to wanting to be a lifelong learner you must be ready to lose some happiness and freedom that you once had when you didn’t know everything.” -Patrick Bet-David

The knowledge of truth can affect our happiness, freedom and view of the world. However, it is important to understand that Patrick Bet-David does not insist that we give up our quest to learn. He rather points out the consequences of starting the journey and how it can affect our daily lives.

10. “The most dangerous unhappy people I’ve met are those who are both extremely ambitious and extremely lazy. What this combination produces is envy, which is a deadly sin that will make your life a living hell. These are people who think big and want to do something big, but they’re not willing to put in the work to earn it. They’ll cheat. They’ll throw you under the bus. They’re constantly looking for shortcuts. And if someone else has what they want, it eats away at their very soul. If someone is winning at a higher level than you are, either lower your expectations to match your work ethic or increase your work ethic to exceed your expectations. If you do neither, you’ll be miserable. What it all boils down to is that alignment is the key to fulfillment” -Patrick Bet-David

We ought to be extremely ambitious whilst possessing an extreme level of work ethic. There is no shortcut to success so the sooner we realize that our dreams can only be realized through hard work, the sooner we set ourselves on the path to success.