iams dog food ingredients

What Ingredients Are In Iams Dog Food?

This is a complete guide on the ingredients of Iams dog food.

I am going to be listing all the products used to make Iams dog food and also shade more light on their safety.

So without much being said, let`s get started.

Iams Dog Food Ingredients

Iams have a lot of dog food formulas that are currently available on the market but all of them have ingredients that are very much consistent with the brand.

Here are the main ingredients in most dog food formulas from Iams:



Apart from adding flavor and taste to dog food, chicken is also a great source of protein for the four-legged animal. There are approximately 27 grams of natural protein per every 100 grams of chicken.

The protein in chicken helps to maintain muscle structure and provides all the amino acids crucial to a dog`s diet.

It is completely safe for dogs to have protein and chicken in their diet since they are considered to be omnivorous animals which can safely eat animal and plant based foods.

The wolf is the wild ancestor of domestic dogs and it is actually a pure carnivore that survives from animal based food alone. Dogs also adopted these traits from wolves and it is easier for them to digest and process animal based food.

2.Beet Pulp

beet pulp

Beet pulp is a byproduct from the processing of sugar beet and it is used as an ingredient for making most dog food formulas.

The material remains after sugar is extracted from sugar beets and that is what makes it a great ingredient for dog food since it is sugar free.

Beet pulp is a great source of dietary fiber which improves digestion, maintains intestinal health and enhances the ability to absorb nutrients.

3.Fruits And Vegetables

fruits and vegetables

Dogs can safely eat most fruits and vegetables. The four-legged animal can easily digest and absorb nutrients in plant based foods because of the omnivorous nature.

Plant based nutrients are very crucial for a dog`s diet and nutrition. For example, fruits and vegetables are a great source of antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation and lower the risk of cancer.

Fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamins A, C and E which are all crucial nutrients with a lot of health benefits for dogs.


A cob of corn

Corn is a rich source carbohydrates which are great energy providers for animals.

Research and studies have revealed that a combination of carbohydrates in a dog`s diet offers optimum carbohydrate digestibility it is also great for maintaining high energy levels.

5.Salmon And Oceanfish

person slicing salmon

Fish oils are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are very crucial to a dog`s diet and heath.

Iams have included salmon and oceanfish in their formulas after an internal study revealed that fatty acids in fish oil help to improve skin and coat health for dogs.



As a grain, wheat is used as a high quality carbohydrate source in many dry pet food formulas.

The carbohydrates are very crucial to an animal`s diet since they provide the energy required for daily activity and muscle function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the ingredients in Iams dog food.

Does Iams Dog Food Have Artificial Ingredients?

Iams does not use any artificial ingredients and preservatives in their dog food. Their formulas are all based on natural ingredients which are completely safe for your dog`s diet.

Does Iams Dog Food Have Corn In It?

Yes, Iams dog food has corn in it. Research and studies have actually revealed that a combination of carbohydrates, such as corn meal, offer optimal carbohydrate digestibility for dogs and they help to maintain energy levels.

How Much Protein Is In Iams Dog Food?

Iams use chicken to make most of their dog food formulas and chicken is actually a great source of animal based protein.

The Iams proactive health high protein adult dry dog food has 30% protein.

Is Iams Dog Food Grain Free?

Most Iams dog food formulas are not grain free since they actually use grains such as corn and wheat to make most of their pet food combinations.

Are Iams Dog Food Ingredients Safe?

The ingredients in Iams dog food are completely safe for your pooch.

Iams does not use any artificial ingredients or preservatives to make their dog food and the fact that they use all natural ingredients for their pet food makes them a great choice for your fury children.