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How To Cancel BarkBox Subscription

BarkBox has over 600,000 active subscribers so it is actually reasonable that a good number of those people would to want to know how to cancel their subscriptions.

This article gives a quick explanation of the BarkBox cancellation policy and it also gives a step by step guide on how to cancel the subscription.

So without much being said, let`s get started.

BarkBox Cancellation Policy

barkbox cancellation policy

The BarkBox cancellation policy is pretty much straight forward. You cannot cancel your current commitment plan but you can disable your subscription plan before it automatically renew at the end of the commitment period.

BarkBox are known for their commitment to making the product great for the customer so if you have anything bothering you at the middle of your commitment period you can reach out to the BarkBox team and they will adjust your plan or box to suit your needs.

How To Cancel BarkBox

how to cancel your barkbox subscription

There are two methods for cancelling your BarkBox subscription before it automatically renew. You can do so through your account page or you can contact their support team.

Cancelling you subscription by contacting the support team is very straight forward. You just write to the team and let them know you would like to cancel your subscription.

Here is how you can cancel the subscription through your account page:

  1. Login to your BarkBox account.
  2. From your account page click subscriptions and then select all subscriptions.
  3. There is an edit button next to the subscription you would like to cancel. Click on that.
  4. Select cancel renewal and follow the required steps.

Voila, you have cancelled you BarkBox subscription.