great dane exercise

Great Dane Exercise

This is a complete guide on Great Dane exercise. I am going to be breaking down the amount of exercise that is required for the breed and also show you some fun ways to exercise your pooch.

Here are some topics that we are going to be covering:

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Do Great Danes Need A Lot Of Exercise?

Great Danes do not need a lot of exercise despite their large size. Studying the history of Great Danes reveals that the dogs were originally bred for hunting large wild game so many people are quick to assume that their Danes require more exercise and body activity.

However, by today’s requirements, Great Danes do not need much exercise as their size would suggest to many dog owners. Despite their large size, Great Danes still don’t require any more exercise than a regular-sized dog breed.

You can effectively exercise your Great Dane by taking them on long daily walks or just having a quick run. The most important thing is to allow your dog to stretch their long legs and allow them to burn some of the excess calories.

do great danes need a lot of exercise

How Much Exercise Does A Great Dane Need?

Great Danes generally require 30 to 60 minute long daily walks in order to stay in shape and burn off any excess calories or energy. The breed has a fairly good level of stamina so they can walk for long distances. You just have to monitor any signs of fatigue or excessive panting during the walks so that you can give your Great Dane some rest when it is required.

However, Great Dane owners must remember never to overdo exercise with a puppy during its development stage because consistent strenuous exercise can have long-lasting adverse negative effects on your puppy’s growing ligaments and bones.

A study on the effect of exercise on Cardiac Output in the unanesthetized dog revealed that:

Cardiac output and left coronary artery flow increase 350 to 400% during moderately severe exercise.

The right amount of exercise should be given to any dog according to their age and stage of development. Puppies and senior Great Danes might not require much more exercise that adult dogs that are still at the peak of their development.

Interesting Ways To Exercise Your Great Dane

Here are some of the ways to exercise your Great Dane:

  1. Taking Your Great Dane On A Walk
  2. Running Up And Down The Stairs
  3. Playing Hide-and-Seek
  4. Running On A Treadmill
  5. Play Games Of Tug
  6. Agility
  7. Hiking
  8. Going With Your Dog For A Cycle
  9. Swimming
  10. Playing Fetch
  11. Playing Dog Sports

If you are still wondering the best approach for exercising your dog, here is a great video and a complete guide on Great Dane exercise:

Benefits Of Great Dane Exercise

There are multiple benefits of exercise for Great Danes. Exercise helps your dog to stay in shape and also burn off some of the extra calories or energy that is not being used by their body. Burning extra calories is a good remedy for reducing the risks of Great Dane obesity and other health problems that can significantly reduce the lifespan of your Great Dane.

However, you should bear in mind that an overweight or obese dog should never be suddenly over-exercised; instead he should be allowed to increase exercise slowly.

Here are some of the benefits of exercise to your Great Dane:

  • Helps to control weight and reduce the risks of obesity.
  • Helps to reduce the risks of heart disease.
  • Helps your Great Dane to manage blood sugar and insulin levels if they are diabetic.
  • Helps to keep your dog’s thinking and learning skills shar as they age.

There are obviously many benefits of exercise for Great Danes but the bottom line is that it helps your dog to stay in shape. Combining a good diet and exercise program for your Great Dane is an excellent foundation for helping the dog to maintain good health.

Can Great Danes Run With You?

Yes, Great Danes can definitely run with your when they are older. Puppies should not be subjected to strenuous exercise like running since it can damage their joints and cause some orthopedic problems as they grow. The same is also true for senior Great Danes, it is not a good idea to take a senior dog on runs or subject them to similar strenuous exercises.

Do Great Danes Like To Walk?

Great Danes have a good stamina so they are not really uncomfortable with long walks. If you choose to walk with your dog, just remember to observe any signs of fatigue or excessive panting so that you can allow them to rest when it is necessary.

How Often Should Great Danes Be Walked?

Great Danes generally require moderately long walks once per day. The walk can last for 30 to 60 minutes but it is important to plan the walk daily. Experts recommend daily walks for Great Danes since they offer mental stimulation, socialization and fitness for your dog.