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Grant Cardone (born March 21, 1958) is an American serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, consultant and real estate mogul who is popularly known for being the founder of the 10X Movement and the 10X Growth Conference. Many people refer to Grant Cardone as the king of sales and real estate. He is considered to be a mentor and coach by many entrepreneurs and business owners.

There are really no grounds to deny Cardone’s impact on the millions of entrepreneurs and professionals that follow his social media accounts. The man is definitely proof that hard work, patience and resilience can be a solid foundation for achieving unimaginable success despite the challenges that one can face along the way.

This guide covers everything that you need to know about Grant Cardone. I am going to be breaking down his story and some of the lessons that we can all learn from the king of real estate.

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Name:Grant Cardone
Birthplace:Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
Birthday:March 21, 1958
Age/How Old:63 years
Height:1.85 meters; 6.07 feet
Net Worth:$300 Million
Wife:Elena Lyons Cardone (m. 2004)
Daughters:Sabrina Cardone; Scarlett Cardone
Twin Brother:Gary Cardone

Grant Cardone Wiki

Grant Cardone Wiki

Grant Cardone is an American entrepreneur, best-selling author, real estate mogul, consultant, coach and famous speaker on the subjects of real estate, sales, entrepreneurship and finance. He is a successful private multifamily real estate investor with over 3,800 apartments units in his portfolio.

Mr. Grant Cardone is a typical example of a rags to riches story that continues to inspire millions of people to pursue their goals without fear or hesitation. He was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States and attended La Grange High School. Soon after high school graduation, Cardone attended McNeese State University where he studied Accounting from 1979 to 1983.

In February of 1989, Grant Cardone started his first company- Cardone Enterprises. The company currently provide tools for individuals, sales people, businesses and executives on how to improve and maximize their opportunities but it initially served as the real estate arm of Cardone’s businesses.

Grant Cardone now owns and operate seven privately held companies with annual revenues exceeding $100 Million and a $2 Billion portfolio of multifamily properties.

Millions of entrepreneurs and sales people learn from Grant Cardone’s social media platforms and exclusive training programs. He currently has over 3 million followers on Instagram as well as over 1.9 million subscribers and 300 million total video views on YouTube.

Grant Cardone consults with Fortune 500 companies and customers such as Google, Northwestern Mutual, Morgan Stanley, and more. He has also been named the number one marketer to watch by Forbes Magazine. Cardone’s 10X Movement and 10X Growth Conference draws thousands of people to their live events and millions more watch the events online.

The list of Grant Cardone’s achievements is definitely endless but it is worth mentioning his recent feature in The Undercover Billionaire Show that was produced by Discovery. In this show Grant Cardone is challenged to build a million dollar business in 90 days with only $100 as seed capital.

Age: How Old Is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is currently 63 years old. His birthday is on 21 March, 1958 and he was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States. Cardone started his journey of entrepreneurship at a young age and his passion just continues to get bigger as he grows older.

Height: How Tall Is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone has a height of 1.85 meters or 6.07 feet. The man is relatively tall especially when you consider that the average height of a male in the United States is 5 feet 9 inches. It can actually be said that Grant Cardone’s height would have been fairly enough to get him in the NBA if he had pursued basketball instead of entrepreneurship.

Is Grant Cardone A Scientologist?

Yes. Grant Cardone is a Scientologist. He is very open about his involvement with the Church of Scientology and he is actually considered to be one of the highest level Scientologists. Grant Cardone actually helped to open Scientology Media Productions and the Church of Scientology Miami. His wife- Elena is also a dedicated Scientologist who was already a member of the church prior to their marriage.

Grant Cardone Family

Grant Cardone Family

Grant Cardone has shared some information about his family. His parents are Curtis Louis Cardone and Concetta Neil Cardone. He also has a twin brother whose name is Gary Cardone. Mr. Grant Cardone is married to Elena Lyons Cardone and the couple has two daughters Sabrina Cardone and Scarlett Cardone.

Grant Cardone Wife (Elena Lyons Cardone)

Grant Cardone’s wife is Elena Lyons Cardone. The couple got married in 2004 and they currently live in Miami, Florida together with their two daughters- Sabrina Cardone and Scarlett Cardone. Grant Cardone has severally mentioned his wife has his number one source of motivation and inspiration in both life and business.

Grant Cardone Wife Elena Lyons

Elena Lyons Cardone is an actress who has featured in movies and television shows like Club Dread, Six: The Mark Unleashed, Dirty Love and more. She was born on June 27, 1973 in Madrid, Spain and she is currently 48 years old. Elena’s acting journey started when she moved from New Orleans to Los Angels after high school. She went on to be listed in Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 list in 2005 and she is currently the 10th ranked female in the state of California in sporting clay and trap shooting (shotgun).

Grant Cardone Daughters

Grant Cardone Daughters

Grant Cardone has two daughters- Sabrina Cardone and Scarlett Cardone. The first daughter- Sabrina was born in 2009 whilst the second daughter- Scarlett was born in 2011. Sabrina and Scarlett have also spoken at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference and they are also a part of the 10X Kids Movement.

Grant Cardone Twin Brother

Grant Cardone Twin Brother

Grant Cardone has a twin brother named Gary Cardone. The twin brother, Gary Cardone is a serial entrepreneur who is mainly focused on energy and natural gas. He has also been involved in commodity trading since 2008 and he has built a successful international credit card fraud industry.

Net Worth: How Much Is Grant Cardone Worth?

Grant Cardone Net Worth

Grant Cardone has an estimated net worth of $300 Million. The net worth is mostly calculated from Grant Cardone’s real estate portfolio, his stake in multiple companies and investments from other ventures. Cardone is definitely proof that real estate is still a good vehicle for building generational wealth.

How Did Grant Cardone Make His Money?

As mentioned earlier, Grant Cardone made the majority of his money and wealth through real estate. He currently owns and operates seven privately held companies with annual revenues of over $100 Million and $2.2 Billion portfolio of multifamily properties. It has been reported that Grant Cardone’s companies currently own over 3,800 multifamily apartment units in the United States.

Grant Cardone Businesses

Grant Cardone currently owns seven privately help companies that have been reported to earn annual revenues of over $100 Million.

Here is a sneak peek of Grant Cardone’s businesses and companies:

  • Grant Cardone Enterprises- The company helps businesses and individuals to financially succeed through coaching and training programs. The Grant Cardone Enterprises umbrella includes Cardone University, Cardone Capital, Grant Cardone Licensee, Grant Cardone TV, Cardone Ventures, Grant Cardone Foundation, 10X Events.

Grant Cardone House

Grant Cardone House

Mr. Grant Cardone and his wife Elena Lyons Cardone recently bought a South Florida waterfront mansion from Tommy Hilfiger. The mansion was originally listed for $27.5 Million in 2017 but reports have revealed that Grant Cardone paid $28 Million for the house. Grant Cardone’s house is located 605 Ocean Boulevard and it was originally built in 2007. The house sits on a 0.6 acre lot and it has six bedrooms as well as a beachfront pool.

Grant Cardone Jet

Grant Cardone recently announced that he bought a new private jet. The man has been buying jets like bread and I won’t lie, his success serves as a motivation and inspiration for me to continue pursuing my goals with much more clarity and focus.

Grant Cardone’s new jet is the Gulfstream g650er. This is a large business jet that is produced by Gulfstream Aerospace. The jet has a range of 12,960 km, top speed of 982km/h, wingspan of 30 m and a cruise speed of 956km/h. There is no denying that Grant Cardone’s new jet is one of the best on the marketplace and for a unit cost $64-$70 Million, business people like Grant certainly get their money’s worth.

Grant Cardone Books

Grant Cardone has published multiple best-selling books that have sold thousands of copies and inspired many entrepreneurs to pursue their goals with more clarity and focus.

Grant Cardone Books

Here is a sneak peek of the top books written by Grant Cardone:

  • The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure– The book as originally published in 2011 and it features Grant Cardone’s tips for achieving great success. The 10X Rule is one book that will help you to accomplish your business dreams.
  • Sell Or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life– Grant Cardone originally published the book in 2011. He reveals some fundamental techniques and strategies for becoming a better sales person. This book will help you to start selling more products in business and getting your way in life through proven sales tactics.
  • If You’re Not First, You’re Last: Sales Strategies to Dominate Your Market and Beat Your Competition– This is an ultimate guide for sales strategies for dominating any market, beating your competition and selling more products.
  • Sell To Survive– This is Grant Cardone’s first published book and it has slowly become a survival manual for sale people and entrepreneurs who want to sell more products. The book was originally published in 2008 just after the financial crisis so you can count on it to be filled with proven strategies for selling more products even in the most difficult times.