Gabriel St-Germain eCom Blueprint Dropshipping Course Review

This is a detailed and complete review of the eCom Blueprint dropshipping course created by Gabriel St-Germain.

I am going to be breaking down everything that is inside the course and also show you a sneak peek of the strategies that Gabriel St-Germain mentions inside the course.

Let’s get started.

Who Is Gabriel St-Germain?

Gabriel St-Germain

Gabriel St-Germain is an internet entrepreneur, digital marketer and e-commerce expert. He broke the internet when he started sharing his strategies for creating successful dropshipping stores. His Facebook advertising strategies and techniques have actually have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to launch successful dropshipping stores on Shopify and other platforms.

Although Gabriel St-Germain is no longer focusing on dropshipping, his courses and training videos still continue to be valuable to entrepreneurs who are pursuing e-commerce success. St-Germain has mentioned on his social media platforms that he dropped out of university to pursue entrepreneurship full time. He is currently running multiple successful stores and online businesses.

This guide covers more about the eCom Blueprint Course created by Gabriel St-Germain and how you can get the training program.

What Is eCom Blueprint?

eCom Blueprint is a course created by Gabriel St-Germain to teach his strategies for launching successful dropshipping stores. The course features two case studies where Gabriel St-Germain takes two stores from zero to one million dollars by following his step-by-step process.

Gabriel St-Germain eCom Blueprint Course Review

Gabriel St-Germain eCom Blueprint Dropshipping Course Review

I won’t lie to you, eCom Blueprint is one of the best dropshipping courses available on the marketplace. The course was created a few years back but it is still packed with more relevant information than what is currently available in the marketplace today.

Gabriel St-Germain went above and beyond to produce a high quality course that is filled with valuable information and resources that can help the modern day entrepreneur to launch a successful online business through dropshipping.

Here is a sneak peek of everything that you are getting inside the eCom Blueprint course created by Gabriel St-Germain:


This section contains the information and resources for joining the private Facebook Group where you can engage and communicate with Gabriel St-Germain and other students. Gabriel St-Germain also shares some of the important reasons why many people fail in dropshipping.

Mindset For Success

Gabriel St-Germain reveals some mind-blowing reasons why mindset is key for success in dropshipping. He also shares some of his favorite books for developing a mindset for success.

Here are some of the sub-categories of this section:

  • Why Mindset Is Key.
  • The Compound Effect.
  • Self-Reliance.
  • The One Thing.
  • Book Recommendations.

Proven Product Selection

This section covers some of Gabriel St-Germain’s strategies for choosing and finding winning products for dropshipping.

Here is a breakdown of everything that you will learn in this section:

  • Criteria For A Winning Product.
  • Product Validation Methods.
  • Production Validation Checklist.

One-Product Store Creation

Inside this section, Gabriel St-Germain reveals a step-by-step process for launching a one product store using Shopify. He walks you through the techniques and tactics for creating a one-product store that has been proven to convert website visitors into paying customers.

Here is a list of everything included inside this section:

  • Brand Identity Development.
  • Store Design Walkthrough.
  • Simple Backend Setup.
  • Average Order Value Optimization.
  • First Video Ad Creation.
  • Marketing Strategy Planning.
  • List Of One Product Stores For Inspiration.

Influencer Ads Academy

The Influencer Ads Academy section of the eCom Blueprint course covers everything that you need to know about marketing your dropshipping store through Influencer Ads. Gabriel St-Germain provides a step-by-step process for finding the best influencers to market your store and how you can reach out to them.

Here is a sneak peek of everything that you are getting inside the Influencer Ads Academy section:

  • Types Of Influencers.
  • Brand Profile Setup.
  • Making Viral Ads For Instagram.
  • Finding Pages And Making Deals.
  • List Of Pages Used By Gabriel St-Germain.
  • The Power Of Micro-Influencers.

Facebook Ads Blueprint

Gabriel St-Germain is definitely an expert at Facebook Ads. I have actually heard of many people who bought the entire course just to learn Facebook Advertising. Gabriel St-Germain shares some proven strategies for creating highly converting Facebook Ads and breaks everything down into a simple step-by-step process that is very easy to follow.

Here is what you will learn inside the Facebook Ads Blueprint section of the eCom Blueprint course:

  • Facebook Launch Strategy.
  • Scaling By Group.
  • Vertical Scaling Methods.
  • Setting Up A Retargeting Funnel.
  • Creating Winning Video Ads.
  • Scaling To Broad Audiences.
  • Fighting Inconsistences.
  • Taking Advantage Of The Facebook Algorithm.
  • Google Ads 6X ROAS Trick.
  • Campaign Budget Optimization.

Facebook Ads Blueprint 2.0

Facebook Ads Blueprint 2.0 is basically a update to the strategies mentioned in the first one. Gabriel St-Germain reveals some strategies that are currently working on Facebook Ads and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of the new features launched by Facebook.

Here is a sneak peek of everything that you are getting inside the Facebook Ads Blueprint 2.0:

  • Important Facebook Ads Theory.
  • Reading And Interpreting Data.
  • Launch Strategy.
  • Creative Optimization Strategy.
  • Retargeting Funnel Setup.
  • Winning Ad Formulas.
  • Re-Investing Into Content.
  • Scaling Toolkit.
  • Consistency.

Case Study 2.0

This section is a case study of Gabriel St Germain taking a store from zero to one million dollars in sales. He walks you through his step-by-step process for growing a dropshipping store and also reveals some of the tools he uses for his stores.

Here is what you are getting inside the Case Study 2.0 section:

  • Introduction.
  • Product Selection.
  • Store Setup.
  • Facebook Ads Overview.
  • Live Ad Creation.
  • Store Automation.
  • Conclusion ( What Gabriel St-Germain Would Do Differently)

Store Automation And Operations

Inside this section, Gabriel St-Germain reveals some of his strategies for store automation and operations. You will learn everything that you need to know about operating an automated dropshipping store.

Here is a quick summary of everything inside the store automation and operations section of the eCom Blueprint course:

  • Structuring Customer Service.
  • Customer Service Templates.
  • Automating Order Fulfillment.
  • Sourcing Agent Contact And Tips.
  • P&L Statement Breakdown.
  • Cash Flow Management.

Gabriel St-Germain eCom Blueprint Course Price

Enrollment for the eCom Blueprint is now closed but the course was initially going for $297. Only existing members can currently login to their accounts.