Fawn Great Dane

This is a complete guide on fawn Great Danes. I am going to be breaking down everything that you need to know about the coat color and also help you to understand how it is produced.

Let’s dive in.

Great Dane Coat Color:Fawn
AKC Code:082
Coat Type:Single
Price/Cost:$800- $2,500
Lifespan:8- 10 years
Variations:fawn merle, fawn mantle (fawntle), fawnequin
Health Problems:Bloat, Cardiomyopathy, Hip Dysplasia, Wobbler syndrome, Osteosarcoma, Tricuspid Valve Disease, Allergies.

What Is A Fawn Great Dane?

fawn great dane

A fawn Great Dane can be easily defined as one whose coat color is yellow gold with a black mask. According to the standards set by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Great Dane Club of America (GDCA), the black mask of a fawn Great Dane must appear on the eye rims, eyebrows, ears or tail tip.

The fawn coat is considered to be a standard color for show purposes and it is one of the most popular coat colors of the Great Dane breed. Kennel clubs give more preference to a deep yellow gold color at dog shows but this can be very difficult for many breeders to achieve so some dogs may actually have a pale yellow coat color and still be considered as a standard.

However, white markings on the chest and toes or even dirty colored fawns are not desirable for show purposes. The same is true for fawn Great Danes with some black markings on their chest.


The fawn coat color in dogs is believed to be a result of the recessive Ay gene. The Ay allele is actually the most dominant of all the four alleles that have been found to signal the agouti coloration in a dog’s genes. The agouti coloration is also known as the A-Locus and the four alleles that are found inside the locus are Ay , aw ,at and a.

Here are some different combinations of the four alleles that have been proven to produce the fawn coat color in (Great Dane) dogs:

  • Ay/Ay
  • Ay/aw
  • Ay/at
  • Ay/a


The fawn coat color also has some variations and mismarks that are produced depending on the genetics of the mating parents. Here are some of the common variations of the fawn coat color in Great Danes:

Fawn Merle Great Dane

fawn merle great dane

The fawn merle Great Dane is a complete mismark of the fawn coat color. These dogs have a white base coat color that is covered with fawn splotches. Their major difference with merle Great Danes is that merles have a dark grey coat color that is covered with black splotches.

Fawn Mantle Great Dane

fawn mantle great dane

Fawn mantle Great Danes, also known as fawntles, are obviously fawn and white dogs with a solid fawn blanket extending over their entire body. This is a mismark of the fawn coat color and their major difference with mantle Great Danes is that mantles have a solid black blanket extending over their entire body instead of fawn.

Fawnequin Great Dane

fawnequin great dane

Fawn harlequins or fawnequin Great Danes are another mismark of the fawn coat color. These dogs have a pure white base coat color with fawn torn patches that are irregularly distributed over their entire body. Fawnequins have a closer resemblance to harlequin Great Danes with the main difference being the color of the torn patches.


Fawn Great Danes belong to the fawn/brindle color family so they should only be bred to fawns and brindles. It is not encouraged to produce fawn Great Danes from any mating other than the fawn and fawn or fawn and brindle matings. Breeders are encouraged to stick to the AKC and GDCA color codes and not alter the appearance or physical structure of a dog.


Here are some of the best breeders of fawn Great Danes:

BreederColors BredLocationContact
7th Heaven Great DanesFawn & BrindleHopkins, South Carolina+1 803-783-5229
Amare DanesFawn & Brindle Howell, Michigan+1 248-767-2866
B&K GREAT DANESFawn & Brindle Pioneer, Californiabkgr8dane@volcano.net
BAYSIDEFawn & Brindle Sarasota, Floridaltkettring@verizon.net
BLACKSTONEFawnFloyd, Virginiablackstonedanes@gmail.com
CAB DanesFawnLenoir, North Carolinabrookscdh@gmail.com
CAERULEUSBlue, Black, & FawnMarietta, Georgiabluedane20@gmail.com
California Dreaming Great DanesFawn & BlackGranite Bay, California+1 916 765-9186
CASTLE CREEKFawn & Brindle Nampa, Idahomichele_neff@hotmail.com
Chimo TX-CFawn & Brindle Austin, Texas+1 512-280-3017
CoKie Great DanesFawn, Brindle, Harlequin, Mantle, Merle, BlackRussellville, Kentucky+1 585-233-8156
Dane AffaireFawn & Brindle Citrus Heights, Californialaura@daneaffaire.com
FlightyFawn, Brindle, Harlequin, Mantle, Merle, Black Adel, Iowa+1 515-677-2122
PARADISE GREAT DANESFawn & Brindle Petaluma, Californiajparadisegd@comcast.net
Van Delft DanesFawn & BlackCleveland, Ohiovandelftdanes@gmail.com


The average price of cost of fawn Great Danes ranges between $800 and $2,500 depending on a number of factors. Some of the factors that will greatly influence the price of a fawn Great Dane puppy that is for sale includes ancestral lineage, good health tests and the reputation of the breeder.

A fawn Great Dane that closely resembles the standards set by the American Kennel Club, Great Dane Club of America or any other kennel club from your country will obviously cost more that a dog that deviates from those standards.

Here is a brief summary of the minimum, maximum and average price that you should expect to pay for a fawn Great Dane:

Fawn Great Dane Puppy Prices From Breeders
Minimum Price:$800
Maximum Price:$2,500
Average Price:$1,650

Alternatively, you can get fawn Great Dane puppies for cheaper prices if you adopt one from a rescue group. The prices of a Great Dane puppy from rescue groups ranges between $400 and$450. These prices can also significantly go down if you are adopting an adult dog instead of a puppy.

Here are some rescue groups where you can adopt a fawn Great Dane:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fawn Great Danes Rare?

No. Fawn Great Danes are not genetically rare and they are also greatly available as puppies or adults. This is one of the most popular Great Dane color that non Great Dane enthusiasts can easily identify with.

How Long Do Fawn Great Danes Live?

The average Great Dane lifespan is 8 to 10 years and it is not significantly affected by coat color. There are some coat colors like white or double-merles that have a shorter lifespan due to unique genetic problems but you should expect a fawn Great Dane to live a fairly longer life.

Do Fawn Great Danes Have More Health Problems?

Fawn Great Danes don’t have any unique health problems that are a result of their coat color or genetic makeup. The only health issues that most fawn Great Danes have are those unique to their breed. Some of the common problems include:

  • Bloat.
  • Cardiomyopathy.
  • Hip Dysplasia.
  • Wobbler syndrome.
  • Osteosarcoma.
  • Tricuspid Valve Disease.

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