Do French Bulldogs Drool A Lot?

Do French bulldogs drool?

Well, this article is a complete answer to this question. I am going to be covering everything about drooling in Frenchies and also explain some of the reasons why they do so.

Let`s dive in.

Do French Bulldogs Drool?

Yes, French bulldogs drool and it is a common thing across their breed. All short-faced breeds like the French bulldog drool after eating or drinking.

It is also common for Frenchies to drool after excessive exercise and the drooling is often followed by uncontrollable slobering.

However, excessive drooling can be a sign of a prevailing health condition so if you notice that your Frenchie drooling a lot, I would advise you to visit your nearest veterinarian for professional medical advise.

French bulldog drooling

What Is Drooling?

Drooling can be defined as uncontrollably dropping saliva from the mouth and it can be a result of many different reasons.

The causes of drooling might be normal body response to metabolic activities or it can be due to an underlying disease or health condition.

What Causes Drooling In Dogs?

Drooling is actually normal across a variety of dog breeds and it is mostly a result of body structure and anatomy.

Short-faced dog breeds seem to drool a lot especially after eating or drinking because they gulp air when they eat so drooling is the fastest way of letting it out.

Dogs can also drool as a result of disease or health conditions but the drooling is usually excessive and beyond normal if it is caused by a medical condition.

Why Is Your French Bulldog Drooling Excessively?

Drooling is a result of many reasons but the primary one is for aiding eating and digestion through lubrication.

There are also plenty of advantages for drooling like preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

When your dog is drooling at a normal rate, this is very common but there might be a health condition if they suddenly start to drool a lot.

It is very important to visit a vet if you notice that your Frenchie is excessively drooling without control.

why is my french bulldog drooling a lot

Reasons Why Your Bulldog Is Drooling

Here is an ultimate list of the possible reasons why your dog might be drooling a lot…


The smell and sight of good food can stimulate saliva and this is very common for French bulldogs.

Frenchies easily get excited about food and the salivary glands will start to release a lot of saliva which results in drooling.

2.Mouth Injury

Injury of the mouth is one of the key reasons and causes of drooling. When your Frenchie is injured in the mouth they find it difficult to swallow food due to either irritation or blockage.

The irritation or blockage can trigger drooling.

3.Ingesting Toxins Or Poisonous Plants

Drooling can also be a result of ingesting toxins or poisonous plants. Plants like Aloe Vera have a bitter taste which can trigger saliva stimulation and result in drooling.

4.Gum Disease And Tooth Decay

Drooling is actually a metabolic activity for preventing gum disease and tooth decay so once tartar or food plaques start to build up in your Frenchie`s mouth their salivary glands will respond by releasing a lot of saliva.

5.Disease Or Health Conditions

Drooling can be a sign of an underlying disease or health condition. Some organ diseases like kidney failure or heart disease can trigger drooling so it can be very crucial to frequently take your Frenchie for medical checkups.


Other diseases like rabies can also trigger drooling for your Frenchie. Rabies is a viral disease that can cause inflammation of the brain so it is important to make sure that your Frenchie get some rabies shots soon after you adopt them.


Dogs drool a lot when in cars due to the faster motion and your French bulldog is not an exception to this.

Motion sickness is very common in short-faced breeds like Frenchies so if you notice that they are drooling after a long car trip there is no reason to worry.

8. Excessive Exercise

Frenchies drool a lot after excessive exercise and the drooling is often followed by uncontrollable slobbering.


If you are a French bulldog owner then you are definitely aware of the fact that they tend to overheat especially during the summer season.

When the body overheats, a metabolic process called homeostasis will start in order to cool down the body.

Drooling is one of the methods that dogs use to get rid of body heat so if you notice your Frenchie drooling during a hot day it might be a sign for you to cool them down.


French bulldogs can start to drool after eating and drinking. This is because Frenchies are a short -faced breed so they gulp a lot of air when eating and drooling is the fastest way of getting rid of the air.

11. Anxiety And Fear

Just as Frenchies can start drooling due to excitement, they can also start to drool as a result of anxiety and fear. The breed is easily triggered by emotions like happiness, fear and anxiety.

How To Get Rid Of Drooling In Dogs

how to stop and get rid of drooling in french bulldogs

Drooling can be a natural response to body activities so it can be difficult to really contribute to stopping the process but you can also help to get rid of it depending on the causes.

Below is a list of ways to get rid of drooling in your Frenchie…

  1. Calm them down– Your Frenchie can start to drool as a result of excitement, anxiety or fear so calming them down can help to get rid of the drooling.
  2. Cooling Them Down- Heating is one body activity that can trigger drooling so cooling your dog can help to get rid of it.
  3. Visit The Vet- It is normal for dogs to drool but if you notice an increased rate, it might be a good thing to visit your vet for professional medical advise.

When Should You Visit The Vet?

As mentioned earlier, drooling can be a result of your dog`s body responding to certain metabolic activities and their environment but it can also be due to a prevailing disease or health condition.

If drooling is being causes by a disease it is usually excessive and extremely uncontrollable so that can be the first sign to visit your vet ASAP.

You should also immediately take your Frenchie to the vet if they are drooling after ingesting a toxin or poisonous plant.

Why Is My French Bulldog Drooling While Sleeping?

Drooling while sleeping is usually due to the sleeping position so this is definitely nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to change your Frenchie`s sleeping position or leave them that way if you don`t want to disturb their sleep.

Why Is My Frenchie Drooling And Shaking?

If your French bulldog is drooling and shaking this can be a result of excitement, anxiety and fear. The best way to get rid of this type of drooling is calming down the dog.

Why Is My French Bulldog Drooling And Vomiting?

If your Frenchie is drooling and vomiting that can be a sign of an underlying disease or medical condition so it is best that you visit your nearest veterinarian as fast as you can.

Verdict: Is It Normal For French Bulldogs To Drool?

It is definitely normal for French bulldogs to drool especially after eating, drinking or a heavy exercise.

This is because Frenchies are a short-faced breed and they tend to gulp a lot of air and heat when eating or exercising so the fastest way to get rid of the air and heat is through drooling.

However, drooling can also be a sign of an underlying disease or health condition.

You should immediately visit your vet if your dog suddenly start drooling beyond normal or after ingesting a toxin or poisonous substance.

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