Are Chihuahuas Smart And Good Family Dogs?

Dogs are known to be the most intelligent and smart animals that humans have chosen to co-habitat with but there are obviously different levels of intelligence and characteristics in each individual dog breed.

Today I am going to be answering if Chihuahuas are smart and good family dogs.

So if you are wondering whether getting a Chihuahua is a great idea for you and if they are going to be good with your kids…

Keep reading.

Are Chihuahuas Smart Dogs?

Chihuahuas are essentially smart and their intelligence qualifies them as a good family dog breed that can easily interact with humans and their kids without causing any problems within their normal activities of life.

are chihuahuas smart

How Smart Are Chihuahuas?

Now that we know that a Chihuahua is an intelligent dog that has the ability to learn faster, a very important question arises;

How smart are Chihuahuas?

Compared to other dog breeds Chihuahuas are not really that smart but they are actually intelligent. They basically don`t take a long time to obey a new command and are very easy to train.

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Chihuahua And The Family

A dog`s characteristics are obviously unique but there are certain attributes that have been known to follow certain dog breeds.

Such characteristics can be considered to be the common attributes of that dog breed.

There are also attributes that are specific to each individual dog regardless of their breed and these characteristics are considered to be the inherited behavior of that dog.

Such behavior can be inherited from the parents or environment in which the dog was raised.

To fully understand if a Chihuahua is a good family dog we are going to be looking at how the dog behaves across the breed and try to move away from the individual behaviors of specific dogs within the breed.

You can control the behavior of an individual dog by checking their parental behaviors and controlling the environment in which you raise them.

Across the board, Chihuahuas tend to be loyal dogs that are friendly with other dogs and house pets.

Such behaviors are the core pillars of a well behaved dog that can easily integrate in the lifestyle of a great family and for that reason it is never wrong to qualify a Chi as a perfect family dog.

There is no doubt that any family can easily live with a Chihuahua as long as they provide great training, grooming and a perfect environment for a well behaved dog.

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Are Chihuahuas Good With Kids

are chihuahuas good with kids

Yes. Chihuahuas are very good with kids and their calmness and cordial behavior around friendly and nonthreatening strangers tend allow them to get along well with most children.

What Makes Chihuahuas Great Pets

Chihuahuas make great pets and here is a quick summary of some of the attributes that can help you decide if getting one for yourself is a great idea:

  • loyal companions
  • A long average lifespan that can stretch to 20 years
  • Smart and intelligent
  • Courageous
  • Confident
  • Affectionate and cuddly
  • Delicate
  • Needs minimal grooming and exercise


Chihuahuas might not be the most intelligent dog breed but they have quite a great IQ that can be considered to be smart and allow them to easily integrate in a family environment.

Getting a Chi is definitely a great idea as they easily get along with kids, other pets and are mostly indoor dogs.

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