can french bulldogs eat cheese

Can French Bulldogs Eat Cheese?

Can French bulldogs eat cheese?

Well, this article is a complete answer to this question and a detailed guide on feeding cheese to your Frenchie.

So without wasting much of your time, let`s get stated.

Interesting Facts About Cheese

  • It takes 10 pounds of milk to produce one pound of cheese.
  • Cheese was created over 4,000 years ago.
  • Over 25% of cheese produced in the United States is produced in Wisconsin.
  • Cheese has a lot of health benefits for both humans and animals.

Is Cheese Safe For French Bulldogs?

Yes, dogs can eat cheese and the dairy product is completely safe for your French bulldog to ingest. Cheese has a lot of health benefits for dogs and it can actually be a great treat for training your French bulldog.

However, it is important to note that some dogs might be lactose intolerant so it would be difficult for them to digest dairy products such as cheese.

Therefore, French bulldog owners should slowly introduce cheese in small quantities to their four-legged friends.

Slowly introducing the treat in small quantities will help you to safely observe your dog`s reaction to cheese.

is cheese safe for French bulldogs to eat

Can Your Frenchie Be Allergic To Cheese?

The majority of French bulldogs are not allergic to cheese but we should also be aware that every dog is unique.

Just like humans, dogs can also be allergic to foods that are completely safe for the majority of the species so pet parents should always take time to observe the reactions of their individual dog.

If you notice any sense of discomfort after feeding cheese to your French bulldog you should immediately seek professional medical advise from nearest veterinarian.

Alternatively, you can also call the pet helpline (952-435-7738) for professional medical advise.

How Much Cheese Is Too Much For French Bulldogs?

Veterinarians and animal nutritionists generally advise that treats like cheese should not make up of more than 10% of a dog`s daily food intake.

An average sized French bulldog should eat 600-750 calories of dog food per day so that equals to around 60-75 calories of treats per day.

Therefore, an average sized Frenchie should eat a maximum of 75 cheese calories (less than a slice) per day.

Health Benefits Of Cheese To French Bulldogs

Here is a brief summary of some key health benefits of cheese to your French bulldog:

  1. Highly Nutritious- Cheese is packed with valuable nutrients that are very crucial for body function and growth. The dairy product is rich in calcium, fat, protein, vitamins and other minerals.
  2. Maintains Strong Teeth And Bones- Cheese is a great source of calcium which is crucial for maintaining strong teeth and bones.
  3. May Improve Eye Health– Cheese produced from the milk of 100% grass fed animals is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are important for maintaining eye health.

Lactose Intolerance In French Bulldogs

lactose intolerance in french bulldogs

Lactose intolerance is a decreased ability to digest lactose. Lactose is a sugar found in most dairy products like cheese.

As mentioned earlier, some dogs might actually be lactose intolerant so feeding them dairy products like cheese can cause some health problems for them.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance in dogs mostly include abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea so if you notice any of these after your French bulldog eats cheese it is very important to immediately seek professional medical advise.

Verdict: What Happens When Your French Bulldog Eats Cheese?

Cheese is completely safe for French bulldogs to eat so you should generally expect them to maintain their normal state after ingesting the dairy product.

However, some French bulldogs might be lactose intolerant which means that they have a decreased ability to digest a sugar found in most dairy products like cheese.

If your Frenchie is lactose intolerant it is not a good idea to have them eat cheese and if they accidentally ingest the dairy product you should immediately visit your nearest veterinarian.