can french bulldogs eat carrots

Can French Bulldogs Eat Carrots?

This is a complete guide to answer the question of whether French bulldogs can eat carrots or not.

I am going to be explaining everything that you need to know about the safety of feeding carrots to your Frenchie and share some key health benefits of the vegetable.

So without much being said, let`s dive in.


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Carrots are root vegetables that come in different sizes and colors depending on the breed of the plant.

The most common color is orange but varieties of purple, black, white and yellow also exist.

Historians believe that the carrot plant originated in Persia where it was probably grown for its leaves and seeds. The domestic carrot is a form of the wild carrot specie known as Daucus carota.

Carrots are very rich in nutrients and they have a lot of health benefits for both humans and other omnivorous animals like dogs.

Are Carrots Safe For French Bulldogs?

Yes, French bulldogs can safely eat carrots without experiencing any negative reaction. Carrots are actually a healthy treat for your Frenchie and they are safe to serve either raw or cooked.

The vegetable has a lot of health benefits for omnivorous animals like dogs so it would be a good idea to incorporate some carrots in your pooch`s diet.

However, it is important for all French bulldog owners to serve the vegetable in moderate amounts as giving your four-legged friend a lot of carrots is not a good thing for their diet.

are carrots safe for french bulldogs to eat

Can Frenchies Eat Carrots Everyday?

It is not a good idea to give your Frenchie some carrots everyday. A perfect diet is one that is balanced and gets crucial nutrients from a variety of foods.

Feeding carrots to your French bulldog everyday can lead to malnutrition and affect their fitness or health.

It is important to serve carrots to your Frenchie in very moderate amounts over a spaced period.

Raw Vs Cooked

Raw carrots are the most health option since they contain the full nutrients of the vegetable.

Vegetables tend to lose much of their nutritional value when cooked so if you want to preserve the nutrients then the best option will be to serve carrots raw.

However, raw carrots are oftentimes difficult to digest for small dog breeds like the French bulldog so it would be a good idea to slightly cook the vegetable before serving.

How Much Carrots Can A French Bulldog Have?

The optimal amount of treats that a dog can eat should be less than 10% of their average daily food intake.

Carrots are also considered to be a treat for your Frenchie so they should also eat the vegetable in moderation.

The average daily food intake of a regular sized French bulldog is 600-750 calories so that means that your Frenchie should only eat about 60-75 worth of carrot calories per day.

The number is obviously way less if you are going to be giving your pooch a variety of treats for the day.

Can Carrots Give Frenchies Diarrhea?

Carrots don`t generally give dogs diarrhea but your Frenchie can experience some symptoms of diarrhea if you give them a lot of carrots and forget to wash the vegetable before serving.

Always remember to give your dog some carrots in very moderate amounts and to also wash the vegetable before your fury child can take a bite.

Why Do French Bulldogs Like Carrots?

The crunchiness and taste of carrots is very pleasant to dogs and I have no doubt that might be the case for your Frenchie as well.

Dogs enjoy the taste of carrots and are drawn by the crunchiness of the vegetable.

That is why it is important for dog owners to learn to keep treats like these away from their fury children no matter how much they seem to enjoy the treat.

Treats like carrots should only be served in moderation and your dog`s desire for the vegetable should not be an excuse for increasing their daily intake.

Health Benefits Of Carrots To French Bulldogs

health benefits of carrots to french bulldogs

As mentioned earlier, carrots have a lot of nutritional value and health benefits for dogs and in this section I am going to be listing some of those key benefits:

  1. Boost The Immune System- Carrots are very rich in nutrients that are very crucial for body function and growth. The nutrients in the vegetable are great for boosting the immune health of your dog and keeping them healthy.
  2. Promote Skin And Coat Health- Carrots are packed with potassium which helps to nourish dry skin and maintain coat health for your French bulldog.
  3. Improves Digestion- The vegetable is a great source of dietary fiber which helps to improve digestion and prevent constipation.
  4. Promotes Dental Health- Carrots help to remove plaque from your dog`s teeth and they contain vitamin A which improves dental health.

How To Serve Carrots To Your Frenchie

Here is what you should remember when serving carrots to your Frenchie:

  1. Wash the vegetable before giving your Frenchie to eat. This will help to remove some of the bacteria and germs that can cause diarrhea.
  2. Serve the carrots in moderate amounts.
  3. Slightly cook the carrots to make the soft and easy to digest.

Verdict: Can French Bulldogs Safely Eat Carrots?

French bulldogs can safely eat carrots and the vegetable has a lot of health benefits for the four-legged animal as long as it is served in moderation.

Treats like carrots should only be less that 10% of a dog`s average daily food intake so dog parents should make sure that they do not feed such treats in large amounts.