Can Dogs Use Human Shampoo?

Can dogs use human shampoo?

This quick guide answers and explain this question in detail.

We are going to be explaining all the reasons why you should avoid using your own shampoo to wash your four-legged friend.

Let`s get started.

Is Human Shampoo Safe For Dogs?

Dogs cannot use human shampoo and it is not safe for dog parents to use their own shampoo and body washing products to bathe their fury children.

Human skin and dog skin is completely different so we can obviously expect both species to react differently to a set of products.

Dogs have a very sensitive skin and using human shampoo puts their health at risk as body washing products designed for humans are actually more acidic.

Our fury friends should use alkaline body washing products that were designed to cater for their skin.

is human shampoo safe for dogs

Dangers Of Using Human Shampoo On Dogs

There is a huge list of reasons why you should avoid using human shampoo on dogs but in the next sections we are going to be covering some of the main dangers of using human body wash products for your pooch.

1.Disrupts pH Balance Of The Skin

Human shampoo is too acidic for dogs and it ruins the pH balance of their skin.

Acidity dehydrates dog skin and once dehydrated they will be at a risk of attack by microorganisms such as bacteria and many other parasites.

Dogs should only use alkaline shampoos that are specifically created for their skin.

2.Destroys Their Natural Coat Protection

Like humans, dogs also produce oils that are embedded within their skin and coat.

These oils protects the body and skin from parasite invasion and when you use human shampoo to wash your dog, the production of such oils is affected.

Failure to produce these oils makes the body more susceptible to bacteria and parasite invasion.

3.Dogs Have A Sensitive Skin

Dogs have a very sensitive skin that is easily affected by pH changes and many other things.

The chemical composition of human shampoos such as the fragrances used in their production are not safe for dog skin and should be avoided at all times.

What About Dog-Washing Emergencies?

If you encounter a dog-washing emergency and you do not have dog shampoo there are two options that can help you tackle such a challenge.

The first one is to use running water to rinse your dog without using any body washing product.

But if your dog gets really dirty, you can also use human baby shampoo as an alternative.

Baby shampoo is less acidic than adult body washing products and it should not cause a lot of harm if it is not used frequently.

Can Dogs Use Human Baby Shampoo?

As mentioned earlier, human baby shampoo is completely safe for dogs because it is less acidic than adult body washing products so it won`t ruin or affect the pH balance of your dog`s skin.

What You Should Be Using?

Human shampoo is not safe for dogs and the best product to use when washing your four-legged child is dog shampoo.

Dog shampoo was created to cater for the sensitive skin of dogs and ensure that they clean without affecting their pH balances or causing problems for their sensitive skin.

Shampoo products created for dogs also have a pleasant smell that will make everyone enjoy the company of your dog.

Verdict: Can Dogs Use Human Shampoo?

Dogs should not use human shampoo as it is actually not safe for their skin.

Human shampoo affects the pH balance of dog skin and for that reason, pet parents should only use dog shampoo to wash their four-legged children.

Dog shampoo has the right pH and chemical composition to cater for the sensitive skin of dogs.

In case of emergencies, it is advised to use human baby shampoo as it is slightly less acidic than adult body wash products.

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