can dogs eat kiwi fruit

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? Is Kiwi Fruit Poisonous To Dogs?

This is an ultimate guide to fully explain if dogs can eat the kiwi fruit or not.

I am going to be covering everything about the safety of feeding kiwi to dogs and also shade more light on the potential hazards associated with the fruit.

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Can Dogs Eat Kiwi?

Dogs can safely eat kiwi and they are not allergic to the fruit in any way. The kiwi fruit is not toxic to dogs as long as it is served in moderate amounts.

The fruit is packed with valuable nutrients which are all crucial for your dog`s body function and growth.

However caution should be taken when giving your dog kiwi because some parts of the fruit are not safe for animal ingestion.

is kiwi fruit poisonous to dogs

Are Kiwi Seeds Toxic To Dogs?

Kiwi seeds are not safe for dogs to eat and we strongly encourage you to always make sure that you remove all seeds before giving the fruit to your four-legged child.

The seeds from the kiwi fruit are toxic to dogs and your dog may not be able to fully digest them.

Undigested seeds can give your dog some trouble when they want to poo and for that and many other reasons, we advise you to keep kiwi seeds away from your dog.

Can Dogs Have Kiwi Berries?

Kiwi berries are smaller but they have many similarities to the kiwifruit. The berries look just the same as the kiwifruit and they also have a similar taste.

The major difference is the size and the thin and smooth green skin that is present in the berries and not the kiwifruit.

And yes, dogs can definitely eat kiwi berries but as mentioned earlier, caution should always be taken when feeding your dog some human foods as treats.

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi Skin And Peels?

The kiwi skin and peels are generally safe for dogs to eat but it is also a safe thing to always remove them before feeding your fury friend the fruit.

Kiwi fruit skin can cause some chocking hazards and they might be difficult for your dog to digest properly.

How Much Kiwi Can Dogs Eat?

Veterinarians and animal nutritionists encourage that treats should not make up of more than 10% of a dog`s daily food intake.

Dog owners can use this as a guideline to determine the amount of treats they should be feeding their dogs depending on size and daily food intake.

If you decide to give your dog some kiwi as a treat, just remember that it should not exceed 10% of their daily food intake.

Nutritional Benefits Of Kiwifruit To Dogs

The kiwi fruit has many benefits for both humans and animals alike. It is available through out the year and has been scientifically proven to contain more vitamin C and potassium than a banana.

There are definitely many benefits for feeding your dog some kiwifruit as a treat.

Kiwifruits are low in sodium and have no cholesterol but despite all these nutritional benefits that can be appealing to humans, it is still unclear on whether dog bodies process the fruit in the same way as humans.

Dogs also have different nutritional needs than humans and for that reason it is mostly encouraged to make real dog food the majority of your dog`s diet.

Dog food is made to serve the specific nutritional needs of our fury friends.

How To Feed Your Dog Kiwi

The kiwifruit generally comes as dried or fresh and it can be served to dogs raw or cooked.

When feeding your dog some dried kiwi it is strongly encouraged to make sure that you choose the brand with the least amount of sugar as a lot of sugar can can cause some health problems for your dog.

If you choose fresh kiwi as a treat for your dog we also encourage you to remove all the seeds and serve it to your best friend in small sizes.

Also remember to avoid giving you dog the fruit with the skin and peels as they might cause some digestive problems for your four-legged animal.

Some Potential Hazards

There are some areas of caution that every dog owner should be aware of before they start feeding kiwifruit to their dogs.

Here is a breakdown of some of the potential hazards of feeding kiwi to your dog;


Always avoid feeding the kiwifruit to your dog before removing the skin and peels.

The skin can chock your dog and lead to possible death.

2.Digestion Difficulties

Kiwifruit seeds and the skin are very difficult for dogs to digest and they can cause some serious digestion problems for your fury friend.

This can cause some pain when your dog wants to poo and for that reason it is always encouraged to remove all seeds and skin before you give kiwi to your four-legged friend.

3.Unbalanced Diet

Many animal nutritionists have proposed that treats should not make up of more than 10% of your dog`s diet and since the kiwifruit can sometimes be tasty to many dogs there are chances of dog owners overfeeding the fruit to their pet children.

Avoid giving your dog too much treats and always make sure that the majority of their diet is made up of dog food that is specifically designed to meet their nutritional needs.

4.Allergic Reactions

Human foods can cause some allergic reactions for dogs and for that reason it is encouraged to slowly introduce your pet child to human foods and take note of how they react after you feed them the treats.

Verdict: Is Kiwi Fruit Safe For Dogs?

Kiwis are completely safe for dogs to eat and the four-legged animal is not allergic to the fruit.

However, dog owners should also remember that the fruit cannot be the main food for their dogs.

Kiwis and fruits are considered to be treats and they should not replace dog food.

Veterinarians and animal nutritionists generally advise that treats should not make up of more than 10% of your dog`s diet so you should use that as a guideline to figure out how much of the kiwi fruit your dog can enjoy.

Also give room for other treats and maintain a balanced diet for your fury friend.