Top 7 Best Healthy Dog Food Brands

This is a complete guide on the best dog food brands that you should consider for your pooch.

We are going to be breaking down the key ingredients for each brand and also explain some of the key health benefits for your dog.

So without much being said, let’s dive in.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Royal Canin.

“Founded in 1968, Royal Canin has stayed true to their original mission of improving pet health through quality food products. Their dry and wet food formulas are one of the best on the marketplace.”

Best Budget: Taste of the Wild.

“This a great budget dog food brands made from high quality ingredients that will keep your pooch healthy.”

Best Dry: ORIJEN.

“Orijen develops the best dry grain-free dog food formulas that will meet all the nutritional requirements of your pooch.”

Best Wet: Hill’s Science Diet.

“Hill’s Science Diet are one of the best premium dog food brands available on the marketplace today. They have expert veterinarians and animal nutritionists involved at various stages of their formula development process.”

Best for Puppies: Blue Buffalo.

“You can definitely trust Blue Buffalo to meet your pup’s nutritional needs through their high quality dog food formulas.”

Best for Large Dogs: Purina.

“Purina has the best dog food formulas to meet the nutritional requirements for large breed dogs.”

Best for Small Dogs: Wellness Pet Food

“You can definitely rely on Wellness Pet Food to keep your small breed dog fit and healthy.”

Best Dog Food Brands (Full Review)

Here is a detailed review of each dog food brand from our top picks.

1. Royal Canin Dog Food


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