barkbox vs pupbox

BarkBox Vs PupBox: Which Is Better?

BarkBox Versus PupBox.

This guide explains the main differences between BarkBox and PupBox as well as a detailed breakdown on which subscription service is best for your dog.

Let`s dive in.

Is PupBox The Same As BarkBox?

Before we go any further, this is one question that we need to answer. There is so much confusion around PupBox and BarkBox so answering this question might help you understand everything mentioned in this article.

PupBox and BarkBox are two different companies owned by different stake holders.

However, the companies have the same business model of dog subscription boxes where they send dog supplies to customers every month.

What Is BarkBox?

what is barkbox

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that provides dog supplies and services. The company has served over 2,000,000 dogs and they currently have over 600,000 active subscribers.

How BarkBox Work

The BarkBox model is very straight forward. Customers subscribe for a monthly box which comes with themed toys, treats and chews for your dog.

The company serves all dogs regardless of age or breed and they also offer free shipping for all boxes shipped within the continental USA.

What Is PupBox?

what is pupbox

PupBox is also a monthly subscription service that is created puppy owners. They provide supplies and training materials designed to help puppy owners become better pet parents.

How PupBox Work

PupBox operated in the same way as BarkBox but their products are specifically created for puppies.

They offer monthly boxes containing all the products and training information you need to be the best puppy parent.

All their boxes are customized and the products are handpicked based on your puppy`s age and physical characteristics.

Differences Between BarkBox And PupBox

differences between barkbox and pupbox

Here is a quick summary of the key differences between BarkBox and PupBox:

1.Target Audience

PupBox have a key focus on puppy owners. Their products are specifically designed to assist puppy parents to take care of their fury children during the early stages of development.

On the other hand, BarkBox mainly focuses on adult dog owners. Their products have a lot of benefits to people who own mature dogs.


Another key difference between the two brands is what comes in PupBox and what comes in a BarkBox.

In each PupBox you will find things like:

  1. Puppy training materials
  2. A bag of training treats
  3. You will also find other exclusive and unique products like toys, grooming equipment and dog accessories.

In each BarkBox you will get:

  1. 2 high quality and durable dog toys
  2. 2 dog treats (unique each month)
  3. 1 chew


PupBox will cost you between $29 to $39 per month depending on how long you choose to subscribe for. The month to month subscription package cost $39.

BarkBox will cost you between $22 to $35 per month depending on how long you choose to subscribe for. Their month to month subscription package will cost you $35.

The major differences in prices could be a result of the target market each brand is pursuing. Puppy products tend to be more expensive than adult dog products.


Customization is one of PupBox`s unique proposition. Their products are handpicked based on your Puppy`s age and physical characteristics. All you have to do is provide specific information about your puppy and let the PupBox team build a perfect box for you.

On the other hand, BarkBox does not really offer customization. Their products are the same for each customer but you can reach out to them and change the assortment if you want more or fewer toys, treats or chews.

Which One Is Better?

Deciding on whether you should subscribe for PupBox or BarkBox will depend on your dog`s specific needs.

All of these brands a great in their own way and that makes it really difficult to give a direct answer on which one is better between them.

PupBox is a great option for the new puppy owner who would like specific products to help them take good care of the new baby in the house.

Each PupBox will help you with things like:

  1. Potty training your puppy
  2. Puppy proofing your house
  3. How to effectively train your people
  4. And so many other things that will help you mold your puppy`s character during their early stages of development.

Alternatively, BarkBox is a great option for adult dog owners. PupBox also ship boxes for adult dogs but BarkBox are the niche experts.

Their products are specifically designed to help adult dogs live their best life and enjoy the company of their owners.

BarkBox products will help you to create a very strong bond with your dog.

So if you have a puppy you can join the PupBox service and then switch to BarkBox once they are fully grown,

BarkBox is a great choice adult dog owners. Their toys are of high quality and you can rely on them to last longer. The treats and chews are also healthy for your dog.