barkbox customer service

BarkBox Customer Service: Detailed Guide

BarkBox has been reported to have a great customer service experience but I have discovered that many of their customers do not know how to reach this excellent support team.

This article is a quick guide on how to contact the BarkBox customer service team.

Let`s get started.

How To Contact BarkBox Customer Service

How to contact barkbox customer service team

BarkBox call their support department the Happy Team and there are mainly three ways of contacting them but…

Just remember to check their Frequently Asked Questions page before you reach out. Some of your questions might already been answered there.

So without much being said, here are the three methods for contacting the BarkBox support team:

1.Live Chat

BarkBox have a live chat team that are always ready to answer your questions and help you with anything related to their products. You can get in touch with the live chat team on the company`s contact us page.


Alternatively you can use email to contact the BarkBox support team. You can reach out to them on the official email of their support

3. Phone Number

You can also call the BarkBox Happy Team on 877-848-3058.

What Are BarkBox Customer Service Hours?

Here is a quick breakdown of the BarkBox customer service hours:

1.Live Chat

  • Monday–Friday: 9am–midnight EST
  • Saturday–Sunday: 11am–7:30pm EST

2.Call Center

  • Monday–Friday: 9am–9pm EST


The BarkBox email support is readily available for you to ask your questions. If you send an email outside the support team office hours they will reply as soon as they get back.

BarkBox Customer Service Experience

The BarkBox customer service department is surely a Happy Team. Their dedication to helping the customers is out of this world.

The company has invested a lot in training their support team to understand their customer first approach to business.

However, it is also important to note that when you reach out to the support team you will be talking to humans not robots.

Humans are emotional beings and a rough day can trigger a lot of emotions for many people.

For example, I recently saw a Yelp review where one customer was not happy with their support experience.

barkbox customer service experience

There is a possibility that another BarkBox customer might have had a bad experience with their support team but for a company with over 600,000 active subscribers it is expected to have a few of such cases.

It is not possible to make everyone happy and when you are tasked with bringing happiness to over 600,000 people there is a good chance for making a mistake.

But one mistake cannot fully describe a company`s overall policy especially when you consider the number of people they will be assisting each day.

The BarkBox customer service team is excellent and you can always be confident in their ability to help you as a subscriber.