are dogs carnivores

Are Dogs Carnivores, Omnivores Or Mammals?

This quick guide answers 3 important questions about dogs.

  • Are dogs carnivores
  • Are dogs omnivores
  • Are dogs mammals

We are going to be giving detailed explanations for all these questions so that you can understand more about your four-legged friend.

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Are Dogs Carnivores Or Omnivores?

Contrary to many assumptions, dogs are actually omnivores and they cannot be classified as carnivores.

Animal classification based on character and eating behavior qualify dogs to be omnivores instead of carnivores.

What Is A Carnivore?

Carnivore is a term used to describe meat eaters. This is a group of animals that get their energy from a diet that mainly consists of meat and animal tissue.

What Is A Omnivore?

An omnivore is an animal that has the ability to eat and survive on both animal tissue and plant matter.

This group of animals get their energy from both plants and animal tissue.

Why Dogs Are Omnivores?

As you might have noticed from the definitions, dogs are classified as omnivores because they have the ability to eat and survive on both plant and animal matter.

Dogs get their energy from plant based food as well as animal tissue.

Are Dogs Mammals?

Yes. Dogs are classified as mammals.

The modern day dog is believed to be a sub-specie of the gray wolf which itself is a mammal.

The next few sections of this article explain more about mammals and how a dog is classified as one.

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What Is A Mammal?

Mammals are a class of warm-blooded vertebrate animals that have glands to produce milk to feed their young ones.

Types Of Mammals

The mammal class is divided into 3 types depending on how the animals take care of their young ones and how they give birth.

Here are the 3 types of mammals:

  • Placental Mammals – This is the majority of mammals and they give birth to live young instead of laying eggs like birds or reptiles.
  • Marsupials – Animals that carry their young in a pouch are called marsupials. This group of mammals include animals like the kangaroo and many others.
  • Egg laying – This is the minority of mammalian animals and they lay eggs in order to produce offspring.

What Type Of Mammal Is A Dog?

Dogs are classified as placental mammals as they give birth to live offspring.


Dogs are classified as mammals because of how they give birth and take care of the young.

They are also classified as omnivores because of their diet and eating patterns.