Are Dogs Allowed In Walgreens?

Walgreens is the second largest pharmacy store conglomerate with over nine thousand locations inside the United States and other locations they operate in.

This guide seeks to answer a very popular question that is asked by many customers of the retail giant; Are dogs allowed in Walgreens?

I am going to be breaking down everything that you need to know about the pet policy of Walgreens and also explain what the policy means to all dog owners.

So without much being said, let’s get started.

Store Name:Walgreens
Pet Policy: Not Friendly (they only allow service animals)
Headquarters: Deerfield, Illinois, United States
Number Of Locations:9,277

Is Walgreens Dog Friendly?

Walgreens is not a dog friendly store. The retail giant only allow service animals inside their stores so if your dog is not classified as one then your chances of entering the store are very slim.

is walgreens dog friendly

All customers accompanied by a service animal are required to have their dogs leashed and also make sure that their four-legged friend is behaving well. There are many instances of customers with service animals who were asked to leave a Walgreens store because their dog was not on a leash or disturbing other customers.

If you are thinking about going to a Walgreens store with a service animal then it is important for you to carry a leash and also control your dog’s behavior once you are inside the store.

Walgreens Dog Policy

The pet and dog policy of Walgreens is very straightforward. Walgreens only allow service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service animal as a dog that has been individually trained to perform tasks or work for a person with a disability. So that means that any animal that is not a dog cannot be a service animal.

Cats, birds, rodents, lizards or any other pet that is not a dog which can be classified as a service animal will not be allowed to enter a Walgreens store.

However, some specific Walgreens store may allow non-service animals inside their premises depending on the flexibility of the local health codes of the town, county or state that the store might be operating in. This is not often the case so you will need to contact your local Walgreens store to fully understand their policy on non-service animals.

But now that we have covered the official dog policy of Walgreens, you might be wondering why you have seen some non-service dogs inside their stores.

Well, this is because ADA only allows retailers and institutions to ask if the dog is a service animal and what tasks it has been trained to do. Institutions are not allowed to request for documentation for the dog or inquire about the specific nature of a customer’s disability.

This creates many loopholes for anyone without a service animal to lie and there is nothing that institutions can do about it. The best that the institutions can do is to hope that their customers will just adhere to their policies with honesty.

So if your dog is not classified as a service animal, I definitely advise you to be honest and not bring them to the store. This protects other customers who might be allergic to dogs, creates a friendly environment for anyone with a dog phobia and also helps you maintain a good relationship with your favorite retailer.

Why Does Walgreens Allow Service Dogs?

does walgreens allow service dogs

So you might be wondering why dogs that are classified as service animals are allowed inside Walgreens stores.

Well, service animals play a very crucial role in the lives of people with disabilities. For example, a service dog can be trained to alert an individual with diabetes whenever their blood sugar is higher or lower than the normal levels. Another example is when a service dog is trained to remind its owner to take medication.

These are all life or death emergencies that can happen anywhere so it is important for the law to protect such individuals and allow them to enter stores with service dogs.

Stores like Walgreens are obligated to follow the law so they have made it part of their policy to allow service dogs inside their premises,

So, Are Dogs Allowed In Walgreens?

As mentioned earlier, only service animals are allowed inside Walgreens stores. Any pet or dog that is not classified as a service animal according to the definition provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will not be allowed to enter a Walgreens store.

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