Are Dogs Allowed In Tractor Supply Company Stores?

You probably landed on this page because you are thinking about taking your dog on your next shopping trip to Tractor Supply and if that is the case the you are in for a treat.

This guide answers a question that you might have been asking yourself; Are dogs allowed in Tractor Supply?

I am going to be explaining everything about the pet policy of Tractor Supply and also help you understand its requirements for the many dog parents out there.

Let’s get started.

Store Name:Tractor Supply Company
Pet Policy:Friendly
Headquarters:Brentwood, Tennessee, United States
Number Of Locations: 1,923

Is Tractor Supply Dog Friendly?

Tractor Supply is a dog friendly store that allows all leashed and well-behaved dogs inside their stores. However, the retailer reserves the right to deny entry to any dog that is behaving dangerously or threatening the well-being of customers.

is tractor supply dog friendly

There are many instances where Tractor Supply store managers and employees have asked customers to leave the store because their dogs were misbehaving and disturbing other customers. It is very important to have your dog behaving at their best when you are inside the store because you might get kicked out if they start misbehaving.

Here are some tips that can help you have a great Tractor Supply shopping experience with your dog:

  • Give your dog some food before you leave for the store.
  • Carry a leash and make sure that your dog is securely leashed before entering the store.
  • Make sure that your dog relieve themselves before you get inside the store.
  • Control the behavior of your dog and don’t let them disturb other customers or damage store property.
  • Create a friendly environment for your dog and have fun on the shopping trip.

Tractor Supply Dog Policy

Tractor Supply has not released an official pet policy on any of their communication channels but the unofficial pet policy is that all dogs are allowed inside their stores. The retailer simply requires that all dogs that enter inside their stores are securely leashed, well-behaved and friendly to all customers and employees.

The employees at Tractor Supply are very friendly to dogs and I have heard from many reviews that some store managers even give free treats to dogs at checkout. This probably happen to a few dogs but that still goes to show the friendly environment that Tractor Supply can be to dogs.

Getting inside a Tractor Supply store with a leashed and well-behaved dog is guaranteed but it is still a good idea to contact you local store regarding their dog policy just incase some unique circumstances might be causing them not to allow dogs inside.

Why Does Tractor Supply Allow Dogs?

There are obviously many reasons why any store or institution can choose to allow dogs inside their premises but there are a few that definitely stand out for Tractor Supply. Here are some of the reasons why I think Tractor Supply chose to adopt a dog friendly pet policy:

  • Tractor Supply has a dog friendly company culture- This is obviously a cliché but it is still worth mentioning. Tractor Supply has a pet friendly company culture that stretches from their low level employees to the top executives. There are many employees that have actually stated the welcoming environment that Tractor Supply has towards pets to be one of the pros to work for the company.
  • No strict health and sanitary regulations- Tractor Supply is mainly not a grocery store and they don’t sell unpacked food so they don’t have to adhere to strict health and sanitary guidelines which can prohibit them from allowing dogs inside their stores.
  • Tractor Supply has a pet supplies section- This is an obvious reason why Tractor Supply might choose to allow dogs inside their stores. Dog owners contribute a significant portion of the company’s revenue by buying pet supplies so it is only fair to allow such customers to be accompanied by their dogs inside the store.

So, Are Dogs Allowed In Tractor Supply?

As I have already stated, dogs are allowed inside Tractor Supply stores but they must be securely leashed and well-behaved. The Tractor Supply Company actually has a thriving pet supplies section with various dog products and services.

Here are some of the Tractor Supply dog services:

Tractor Supply Dog Washing

Tractor Supply stores have dog washing stations where you can give your dog a good bathe for only $9.99. TSC provides the best grooming equipment for your dog as well as some shampoos but you are always free t bring your own shampoo if your dog has an allergy of unique needs.

Tractor Supply PetVet Clinic

tractor supply petvet clinic

Tractor Supply stores have PetVet Clinics that are operated by PawsPlus. It is estimated that the TSC PetVet Clinics can save upwards of 70% on the costs of dog vaccinations and the good thing is that you don’t need an appointment and there are no office visit fees.

Here are some of the services that are available at a TSC PetVet Clinic:

  • Comprehensive vaccine packages.
  • Rabies and Bordetella vaccines.
  • Puppy and kitten vaccines.
  • Testing and deworming.
  • Heatworm prevention.
  • Microchipping.
  • Flea and tick medications.