Are Dogs Allowed In Rural King Stores?

Rural King has established itself as a high quality farm supply store in the states and areas it operates in but very little is known regarding the pet policy of their 128 locations.

This guide covers everything that you need to know about the pet policy of Rural King stores and its requirements for you as a dog owner.

Let’s dive in.

Store Name:Rural King
Pet Policy:Friendly
Headquarters:Mattoon, Illinois, United States
Number of Locations:128

Is Rural King Dog Friendly?

is rural king dog friendly

Rural King is a pet friendly retailer that allows dogs in all their stores except for when prohibited by county or state laws. However, it is required that all dogs be securely leashed and well-behaved. Rural King store managers or associates have been known to kick out any dog that is behaving dangerously, being a threat to other customers or damaging store property.

It is important to control the behavior of your dog when inside a Rural King store because pet owners are responsible and liable for their dog’s actions. The requirements for entering a Rural King store with a dog are very simple; all dogs must be securely leashed and well-mannered.

The retailer does not discriminate against breeds and all dogs are welcome in many of their store locations.

Rural King Dog Policy

The official pet policy of Rural Kings is that all dogs are allowed inside their stores. However, this dog friendly policy might not be implemented in some stores where county or state laws prohibit the retailer from allowing dogs in areas where customers are normally permitted.

In cases where local laws prohibit Rural King from allowing dogs inside their stores, only service animals will be allowed to enter the premises. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service animal as a dog that has been individually trained to perform work or tasks for an individual with a physical or mental disability.

It would be a good idea to contact your local Rural King store regarding their pet policy but dogs are usually allowed in many of their locations.

Rural King has actually released an official statement on this issue and here is what they had to say;

Please note that some stores do not allow animals due to county or state laws. Please check your local store if you are unsure.

Does Rural King Allow Dogs In All Stores?

does rural king allow dogs

No. Rural King does not allow dogs in all their stores but they are pet friendly in many of their locations. Some stores have adopted a service animal only policy due to the county or state laws they have to comply with and the unique circumstances involved in the day to day operations of that particular store.

There are some Rural King locations that were originally dog friendly but they had to adopt a service animal only policy when customers started to complain about having dogs inside the store.

Here is what one customer had to say about their local Rural King store allowing dogs inside their premises;

Yesterday, my granddaughter decided to stop at Rural King in Crystal River and as we were entering the store a man with a dog on a leash were leaving. My granddaughter is autistic and has a fear of dogs which makes shopping in our area a real challenge as many stores permit people to bring their pet dogs

Some customers are not okay with having dogs inside the store so store managers might have to adopt a service animal only policy if they receive many complains.

The best idea is to contact your local Rural King store regarding their pet policy before you make any arrangements of going with a dog.

Tips For Shopping With A Dog At Rural King

  • Feed your dog before your shopping trip- Dogs tend to chew anything when they are hungry and that is not experience that you want happening when you are inside a store because you will be liable for the actions of your dog.
  • Have your dog relieve themselves before entering the store- The last thing you want is for your dog to leave any mess inside a store but always remember to clean after your dog if it accidentally happens.
  • All dogs must be securely leashed- Having your dog on a leash will actually help you to control their behavior when you are inside the store.
  • Control the behavior of your dog- As mentioned earlier, pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets so it is important for you to control your dog’s behavior because you will be liable for their actions.
  • Help your dog to get comfortable- Creating a friendly environment for your dog and helping them to get comfortable is definitely the first step to having a great shopping experience at Rural King.

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