Are Dogs Allowed In Petco?

Are dogs allowed in Petco?

This is obviously a rare question that you don’t get to ask often but it is important to find the best answer when you do.

In this article I am going to be explaining more about the pet policy of Petco and how animal friendly the retail giant is.

Let`s dive in.

Is Petco Dog Friendly?

Dogs are allowed inside Petco stores and they have a very friendly pet policy that accommodates all animals. It is obviously expected of Petco to have animal friendly policies but their commitment goes beyond that.

Since our first store opened in 1965, we have endeavored to be the community leader in promoting the welfare of companion animals, as well as the importance of the human-animal bond.


Petco has clearly stated their commitment to preserving the human-animal bond. All companion animals are allowed inside their stores so you should not hesitate to bring your dog for shopping.

The retail does not discriminate any breed but they require all dogs to be leashed and under constant human supervision.

Any dog or pet that will pose a danger to other animals or the Petco customers and partners will be asked to leave the premises.

That is why it is important to carry a short dog leash that will allow you to easily guide and control your pooch’s movements.

Tips For Shopping With Your Dog At Petco

Here are some tips for shopping with your dog at Petco:

1.Feed Your Dog Before The Trip

They say that a hungry man is an angry man and I would like to assume the same is true for dogs. Dogs tend to behave funny when they are hungry and a quick meal before your shopping trip can save you a lot of embarassment.

Make sure that you feed your pooch their favorite dog food before your shopping trip.

2.Allow Your Dog To Relieve Themselves

New environments can induce anxiety in dogs and trigger them to pee a lot so it is important to allow your dog to relieve themselves before you enter the store.

If your dog pees inside the store just remember to ask the Petco partners to help you remove the excrement. It will not be a good experience for other shoppers to have dog excrement all over the store.

3.Keep Your Dog Calm

Petco is a companion animal friendly store so your dog is going to meet other pets and animals.

Many dogs tend to lose their calmness when they are around other animals so it is very important to keep your dog calm and stop them from threatening other animals.

If your dog pose any danger to other animals, Petco customers and partners you will be asked to leave the store.

4.Keep Your Dog On A Short Leash

As mentioned earlier, a short dog leash makes it easy to control and guide your dog’s movements inside the store.

Petco Pet Policy

Petco has a very friendly pet policy that allow all companion animals inside their store premises. However, they require that your pet is leashed and under constant human supervision as you do your shopping.

The retail giant has demonstrated a commitment to maintaining an animal friendly store by only hiring dedicated animal lovers to be Petco partners.

Our mission of promoting the welfare of companion animals and enhancing our customers’ lives begins with the selection and retention of dedicated animal lovers to be Petco store partners. To ensure that our partners are highly knowledgeable about proper animal care, we have made a significant investment in the development of enhanced levels of training and education. Upon hire, store partners are trained in proper animal care and handling via an extensive series of veterinarian-reviewed and -approved award-winning materials. This training includes both self-paced guides and online training that reinforces our promise that At Petco, Animals Always Come First!


You should definitely not hesitate to bring your pet on your next shopping trip at Petco.

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