Are Dogs Allowed In Michaels?

You probably landed on this page because you are thinking about taking a dog to your local Michaels store and if that is the case then you have come to the right place.

This guide is a complete break down of the pet policy of Michaels stores and what it means to you as a dog owner.

Let’s get started.

Store Name:Michaels
Pet Policy:Friendly
Headquarters:Irving, Texas, United States
Number of Locations:1,252

Is Michaels Dog Friendly?

is michaels dog friendly

Yes. Michaels is a pet friendly retailer that allow all leashed and well-behaved dogs inside their stores. The retailer does not discriminate against breeds or size so all dogs are welcome at a Michaels store except for cases where local laws might prohibit the retailer from allowing dogs inside their premises.

However, as a private institution, Michaels still reserve the right to deny entry to any dog that is misbehaving, disturbing other customers or damaging store property.

It is important for all dog owners to have their four-legged friends at their best behavior when inside a Michaels store because there are some cases where customers have been kicked out of a Michaels store because their dog was misbehaving or threatening other shoppers.

Michaels Dog Policy

The official pet policy of Michaels is that all dogs are welcome inside their stores regardless of the breed or size. However, Michaels requires that all dogs are well-behaved and securely leashed when inside the store.

Here are some of the need to knows about the Michaels dog policy:

  • All dogs must be securely leashed when inside the store.
  • Small dogs can be carried by their owners or get into the shopping carts but this will depend on the branch and location of the Michaels store.
  • All dogs must be well-behaved and under constant human supervision.
  • Dogs may not be allowed in a Michaels store in cases where local laws prohibit the retailer from allowing dogs in all areas where customers are normally permitted.
  • Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs.

However, despite their pet friendly policy, some Michaels store locations might not allow dogs inside their premises in cases where the branch manager receives a lot of complaints from other customers or when prohibited by local laws.

I recently saw a Facebook post where a Michaels customer was narrating how they were not allowed inside their local branch because they brought a puppy pug. Here is what they had to say;

Hi Michaels, what is your store policy on dogs being allowed in stores? As I have just returned from your Carmel Mountain branch and was rudely told by one of your staff members that we weren’t welcome in the store as we had our puppy pug with us.

Cases like this might be due to a branch adopting a no pets policy because of several complaints from other customers or local laws so it is always a good idea to contact your local store regarding their dog policy before showing up.

However, dogs are allowed inside many Michaels store locations as long as they are leashed and well-behaved.

Why Does Michaels Allow Dogs?

does michaels allow dogs
  • Michaels does not have to comply with strict health and sanitary regulations that are mostly enforced on grocery stores. As a non-grocery store, Michaels have some flexibility with regards to hygiene and sanitary standards so such retailers are most likely to allow dogs inside their stores. However, Michaels are dedicated to maintaining a clean environment for their customers so all dog owners are encouraged to always clean up after their canines or call a store assistant when help is needed.
  • Michaels have a pet friendly company culture. The store employees and executives have dedicated themselves to creating a pet friendly environment inside all their stores.

Are Dogs Allowed In Michaels Canada?

Dogs are allowed inside Michaels stores in Canada. All their 109 stores that are located in Canada are pet friendly but dogs are required to be on a leash. Small dogs can be carried by their owners or jump into the shopping cart as long as they are under constant human supervision and well-behaved.

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