Are Dogs Allowed In Meijer Stores?

Thinking about going to a Meijer store with a dog? Then you will find this article helpful as I will be answering one question that is probably on your mind right now; Are dogs allowed in Meijer stores?

I am going to be fully explaining the entire pet policy of Meijer stores as well as outline what it represents to all dog owners.

Let’s dive in.

Store Name:Meijer
Pet Policy:Not Friendly (only service animals allowed)
Headquarters:Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Number of Locations:Stores: 259
Gas stations: 208

Is Meijer Dog Friendly?

Meijer is not a dog friendly store and not dogs are allowed inside their premises. The pet policy of Meijer stores was adopted to maintain hygiene and sanitary standards so the only exception is for dogs that are classified as service animals in accordance to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

is meijer dog friendly

Grocery stores like Meijer have to comply with very strict health codes of the areas they are operating in so they usually adopt a no pets policy in order to maintain the required sanitary and hygiene standards.

However, it is required by law for grocery stores to allow service dogs that are needed because of a disability into all areas where they normally permit customers.

This is why securely leashed and well behaved dogs that are classified as service animals according to the definition provided by ADA are allowed inside Meijer stores.

Meijer Dog Policy

The official pet policy of the Meijer grocery store company and many others is that only service dogs are allowed inside their premises. Any dog or pet that is not classified as a service animal is definitely denied entry due to health and sanitary reasons.

Why Does Meijer Allow Service Dogs?

does meijer allow service dogs

You might be thinking, why does Meijer allow service dogs?

Well, this is because they are required to do so by the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires stores like Meijer to allow service animals into all areas that are normally permitted to customers.

ADA defines a service animal as a dog or canine that has been individually trained to perform tasks or a work for an individual with a physical or mental disability and from this definition you can have an understanding about the role and responsibilities of a service dog.

Service dogs are very key to the lives of their owners so the law requires institutions like Meijer to allow such animals inside their premises. These dogs have been trained to assist people with physical or mental disabilities so they should be with their owners at all times.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In Meijer?

Emotional support dogs are not classified as service animals under ADA so they are not allowed inside Meijer stores. Any dog, trained or untrained, that is required for comfort and emotional support is not considered as a service animal.

So, Can You Bring Dogs Into Meijer Stores?

As I have already stated, it is not allowed to bring dogs into Meijer stores due to various health, hygiene and sanitary reasons. However, service animals are allowed inside the stores as long as they are on a leash and well behaved.

So if your dog is a service animal they are allowed into all the areas where Meijer store customers are usually permitted.

Here are some requirements for service animals to enter Meijer stores:

  • The dog must be securely leashed.
  • The dog must be well behaved.

The second one might be obvious but it is also very important. There are many cases of Meijer store customers who have been kicked out because their dogs were behaving dangerously, disturbing other customers or damaging store property.

It is very important for you to control the behavior of your service dog when you are inside the store so securely leashing the dog can actually help you achieve that.

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