Are Dogs Allowed In Hobby Lobby?

You probably landed on this page because you are thinking about visiting your local Hobby Lobby store so I have decided to answer a question that you might have been thinking about.

Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby?

In this guide I am going to be reviewing the pet policy of Hobby Lobby stores and also interpret what it means for you as as dog parent.

Let’s dive in.

Store Name:Hobby Lobby
Pet Policy: Friendly
Headquarters:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Number Of Locations:932 (2020)

Does Hobby Lobby Allow Dogs?

Yes, dogs are allowed in Hobby Lobby Stores. The retail giant has no problem with dogs accompanying customers into their stores but they require that all dogs be leashed and well behaved.

does hobby lobby allow dogs

Despite, officially stating that they allow dogs inside their stores, Hobby Lobby still reserve the right to turn away dogs that are not on a leash, misbehaving or disturbing other customers.

If you are thinking about going to a Hobby Lobby Store with a dog then it is important for you to carry a leash and also actively watch your dog’s behavior once you are inside the store. There are many cases of customers being asked to leave a Hobby Lobby store simply because their dog was not leashed or behaving in a way that disturbed other customers.

I have compiled a list of simple tips that can help you and your dog to have a great shopping experience at Hobby Lobby:

  1. Have your dog securely on a leash before entering the store.
  2. Watch your dog’s behavior and make sure that it does not disturb other customers when you are inside the store.
  3. Give your dog some food before your shopping trip.
  4. Remember to have your dog relieve themselves before entering the store.
  5. Create a friendly environment for your dog during your shopping trip.

Hobby Lobby Dog Policy

The official dog policy of Hobby Lobby is that all dogs are allowed inside their stores but they reserve the right to deny entry to any dog that is behaving dangerously and disturbing other customers.

Here is a brief summary of the requirements that all customers must remember before entering a Hobby Lobby store with a dog:

  1. All dogs must be on a leash.
  2. The dog must be well-behaved.
  3. All dogs must not disturb other customers as they do their shopping.
  4. Dogs are not allowed to damage or break anything inside a Hobby Lobby store.
  5. Urinating or defecating inside the store is not allowed.

Is Hobby Lobby Dog Friendly?

Hobby Lobby is a dog and pet friendly store. Dogs are allowed inside all Hobby Lobby stores as long as they are on a leash, behaving dangerously or disturbing other customers. The good thing is that Hobby Lobby does not discriminate against breeds so all dogs are welcome inside their stores.

is hobby lobby dog friendly

Many Hobby Lobby employees and store managers have actually stated the dog friendly policies of the retailer to be one of the reasons why they work with the company. The staff at the various Hobby Lobby locations are very friendly to dogs and I have actually heard many cases of employees giving out treats to the man’s best friend.

Why Are Dogs Allowed In Hobby Lobby?

There are obviously many reasons why any company or institution can choose to have pet friendly policies but I think there a few that stand out for a retailer like Hobby Lobby.

  1. Hobby Lobby has a dog friendly company culture- The retailer has positioned and established themselves as a dog friendly company. Employees, store managers and executives at Hobby Lobby are very welcoming to dogs.
  2. The retailer does not have to adhere to strict health regulations- This is also on top of the list when we examine the reasons why Hobby Lobby chose to allow dogs inside their stores. The retailer does not sell groceries or unpackaged food so they don’t have to adhere to strict local or FDA health guidelines and regulations.

So, Can Dogs Go In Hobby Lobby?

Yes, dogs can go inside Hobby Lobby. The retailer is very dog friendly and they allow dogs in all their store locations. However, Hobby Lobby requires their customers to have their dogs on a leash so you must remember to carry a leash before you go on your shopping trip.

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