are dogs allowed in hobby lobby

Are Dogs Allowed In Hobby Lobby?

Question: Are dogs allowed in Hobby Lobby?

Yes, dogs are allowed in Hobby Lobby stores. Hobby Lobby is actually a dog friendly retail outlet and their pet policy allow all customers to shop with their dogs without any breed discrimination. The only requirement to enter a Hobby Lobby store with a dog is to have a dog on a leash and under constant human supervision.

This guide covers more about the pet policy of Hobby Lobby stores and what all shoppers must know about it.

So without wasting much of your time, let`s get started.

Is Hobby Lobby Dog Friendly?

is hobby lobby dog friendly
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Hobby Lobby is a dog friendly store that allow non service animals in all their locations. The retail giant has no problem with you shopping with your dog and they are always ready to help you grow the hobby of hanging out with your pooch.

But in as much as the store allow dogs in most of their locations it is also important to note that it can be left to the discretion of your local branch manager to allow you entry.

This is because most retail stores allow their branch managers to have unique policies that will ease their day to day operations.

So you might need to consult your local Hobby Lobby store about their dog policy but you are guaranteed entry in most of their locations.

Why Does Hobby Lobby Allow Dogs?

Hobby Lobby is in the business of supporting hobbies so their dog policy would make sense when you consider that going around with a dog is a hobby for many people.

You can say that Hobby Lobby allow dogs in their stores because of their animal loving culture and their commitment to supporting hobbies.

Alternatively, stores like Hobby Lobby do not need to comply with strict health and sanitary regulations like food outlets so they are open to having their customers coming into the store with dogs.

Tips For Taking Your Dog Shopping At Hobby Lobby

The store is definitely not a place to have your dog misbehaving so here are some tips for keeping your dog calm when shopping at Hobby Lobby:

1.Give Them Food Before You Hit The Store

I recently saw an article where one individual was explaining how their dog started chewing and biting everything when they went to the store and I can`t imagine having that experience.

Make sure you feed your pooch their favorite dog food before you hit the store and have them full during your shopping trip.

2.Keep Your Dog On A Short Leash

A short leash is great for guiding and controlling your dog`s movements when you are shopping. Long and retractable dog leashes are not the best option for such environments.

3.Make The Shopping Experience Fun For Your Dog

Dogs tend to be anxious when they are introduced to new environments so you should always remember to calm them when in public places. The best way to calm your dog is to make the shopping experience fun for them and keeping the environment friendly.

4.Let Your Dog Relieve Themselves Before You Enter The Store

Anxiety and fear can trigger your dog to pee a lot so you should have your dog relieve themselves before you enter the store. It will not a great experience for other shoppers when your dog leave excrement inside the store.

5.Clean After Your Dog

If your dog happen to relieve themselves inside the store you should immediately ask the Hobby Lobby to help you remove the excrement.

Hobby Lobby Pet Policy

Hobby Lobby stores have a very lenient pet policy that allow non service dogs inside their premises.

Other pets are also allowed but you can be denied entry depending on your branch manager`s policy.

In many cases dogs and pets are allowed in all Hobby Lobby locations but it is always a good thing to enquire with your local branch before showing up with your pet.