are dogs allowed in cvs

Are Dogs Allowed In CVS Pharmacy?

Are dogs allowed in CVS?

This article is a detailed answer to this question. I am going to be explaining everything about the CVS pet policy and how it works.

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Is CVS Dog Friendly?

is cvs pharmacy dog friendly

Yes, CVS is a dog friendly store that allow all dogs within their premises. The retail giant does not practice breed discrimination so every dog is allowed inside their stores.

However, it is required that your dog is kept on a leash and under constant human supervision.

Any dog that pose a danger to other customers or the store’s interests will be asked to leave.

You will definitely have a great shopping experience at CVS if you keep your dog calm and promote good behavior.

Why Does CVS Allow Dogs?

CVS has adopted a dog friendly pet policy because they acknowledge the importance of the human-animal bond.

Their animal loving company culture is the reason why dogs are allowed inside CVS Pharmacy stores.

I recently came across one customer appreciating the fact that many CVS stores have dog treats by the registers.

Very dog friendly place to pick up provisions. They even keep dog treats by the registers and they staff love saying hello to pets.

CVS Pharmacy Customer

This just goes to show how the company is committed maintaining a dog friendly environment inside their stores. You should not hesitate to bring you dog on your next shopping trip.

Tips For Shopping With Your Dog At CVS

Here are some tips for having a great shopping experience with your dog at CVS:

1.Remember To Feed Your Dog Before The Trip

Dogs tend to misbehave when they are hungry so make sure to give your pooch their favorite dog food before the shopping trip.

2.Allow Your Dog To Relieve Themselves Before Entering The Store

Allow your dog to relieve themselves before you enter the store. This will definitely help to avoid your dog leaving excrement inside the store.

3.Keep Your Dog On A Short Leash

Remember to leash your dog. Shorter dog leashes are ideal for shopping because they allow you to easily control and guide their movements.

4.Keep Your Dog Calm

Remember to keep your dog calm by creating a friendly environment when shopping.

If your dog does not do well with other pets then you should try to avoid such encounters.

CVS Pharmacy Pet Policy

CVS generally has a friendly pet policy that accommodates companion animals as long as you keep them leashed and under constant human supervision.

You can use other restrainers like a carrier or travel habitat for your pet if a leash is not the best option.