Are Dogs Allowed In CVS?

CVS is obviously one of the most popular drug stores and pharmacies in the United States so it is only fair that many people ask this one question that we are going to be answering today.

Are dogs allowed in CVS Pharmacy?

This guide will cover everything that you need to know about the pet policy of CVS and what it means to all dog owners.

Let’s get started.

Store Name:CVS Pharmacy
Pet Policy:Friendly
Headquarters:Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States
Number of Locations: 9,967 (2018)

Does CVS Allow Dogs?

Yes, dogs are allowed inside CVS Pharmacy stores but despite the fact that the retail giant is dog friendly, it is still required that all dogs be on a leash and well behaved. Dogs that are not on a leash, misbehaving and disturbing other customers may be asked to leave the store depending on the leniency of the store manager.

does cvs allow dogs

It is important to carry a leash and control the behavior of your dog if you ever decide to have them join you on your next shopping trip to a CVS Pharmacy store.

Here are some tips and reminders for shopping with a dog at CVS Pharmacy stores:

  1. Your dog must be on a leash.
  2. Make sure that your dog’s leash is secure before entering the store.
  3. Control the behavior of your dog once you are inside the store and make sure that your dog does not disturb other customers.
  4. Feed your dog before the shopping trip.
  5. Have your dog relieve themselves before entering the store.
  6. Have fun.

CVS Dog Policy Summary

CVS have not released an official dog policy for their stores but our four-legged friends are allowed in many of the CVS locations inside the United States.

Service animals are allowed to accompany customers into CVS Pharmacy stores in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and non-service animals are also allowed in almost all the locations operated by the retail giant.

However, the dog policy or leniency of CVS Pharmacy does not really mean anything in areas where the law does not permit stores to allow dogs and animals inside their premises.

Some CVS stores may not allow dogs inside their premises due to the local health codes of the town, county or state that they are operating in.

If you want to be safe then it is a good idea to call your local CVS Pharmacy regarding their policy on dogs before you show up at the store but you are guaranteed entry in many locations operated by the retail giant.

Are Dogs Allowed In CVS NYC?

Many New Yorkers have been asking this question so I have decided to individually address it in this section. CVS Pharmacy is dog friendly and dogs are allowed in all its NYC locations. However, the company’s policies might not be followed whenever city or state laws ban animals from entering stores.

Is CVS Dog Friendly?

Yes, CVS is a dog friendly store that allow all dogs within their premises. The retail giant does not practice breed discrimination so every dog is allowed inside their stores.

is cvs dog friendly

However, as mentioned earlier, CVS requires that all dogs that enter their stores be on a leash and well behaved. There are many cases where customers have been asked to leave the store because their dog was not on a leash, misbehaving or disturbing other customers.

An employee at one of the many CVS Pharmacy locations had this to say on Reddit;

We don’t do anything, actually call ourselves a pet friendly store. As long as the animal is behaving, my SM (Store Manager) doesn’t care.

Your entry in a CVS Pharmacy store is always guaranteed except for cases where the local health codes of the town, county or state prohibits retailers from allowing dogs inside their premises.

As long as your dog is leashed, behaving well and not disturbing other customers then there is no doubt that you will have a great shopping experience at any CVS Pharmacy store.

Why Does CVS Pharmacy Allow Dogs?

There are so many people who are against the idea of dogs inside stores so I have seen it fit to explain to them why certain retailers like CVS might choose to allow the man’s best friend inside their premises.

First, CVS Pharmacy is not a grocery store that has to comply with strict FDA guidelines and local health regulations. Stores that sell food to humans are treated differently from stores that don’t. So since it is not prohibited by law, companies like CVS might choose to allow customers to be accompanied by dogs inside their stores.

The second reason why CVS chose to allow dogs inside their stores can be just a matter of company culture. The retailer might have chose to be dog friendly and respect the rights of animals.

I obviously can’t list all the reasons here but the bottom line is that stores can choose to have individual dog policies whenever permitted by local or national laws.

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