Are Dogs Allowed In Bass Pro Shops?

Bass Pro Shops is the go to place for the best hunting, fishing, boating and outdoor gear. Interestingly, many people who love these outdoor activities are dog owners so it is definitely a good idea for me to answer one question that a good number of Bass Pro customers might be asking;

Are dogs allowed in Bass Pro Shops?

I am going to be breaking down the pet policy of the retailer and also explain how the policy is the best for many dog owners reading this artice.

Let’s get started.

Store Name:Bass Pro Shops
Pet Policy:Friendly
Headquarters:Springfield, Missouri, United States
Number of Locations:177 (including 82 Cabela’s)

Does Bass Pro Shops Allow Dogs?

does bass pro shops allow dogs

Yes. Dogs are allowed inside all Bass Pro Shops except for cases where local laws might prohibit the retailer from allowing dogs inside their stores. Bass Pro Shops require that all dogs that enter their stores be securely leashed, well-behaved and under the constant supervision of a human being.

However, despite their friendly pet policy, Bass Pro Shops still reserve the right to deny entry to any dog that might be behaving dangerously, threatening other customers and destroying store property. Pet owners are completely responsible for the actions of their dogs so it is important to control the behavior of your canine when inside the store.

There are many reports of customers who have been kicked out of a Bass Pro Shop because their dogs were misbehaving so this is something to take seriously.

Here are some tips and tricks for having a great shopping experience at Bass Pro Shops when you go with a dog:

  • Remember to give your dog their favorite food before you leave for the store. Dogs tend to misbehave when they are hungry so a simple meal before the shopping trip can be a good remedy for any bad behavior.
  • Have your dog relieve themselves before you enter the store. As mentioned earlier, pet owners at Bass Pro Shops are completely responsible for the actions of their dogs so it is important to stop your pooch from peeing or defecating inside the store. However, if your dog relieve themselves when inside the store, just clean up after them and move on to whatever you were doing.
  • Your dog must be securely leashed when inside the store.

Bass Pro Shops Dog Policy

The official pet policy of Bass Pro Shops is that all dogs are allowed inside their stores as long as the canine is securely leashed and well-behaved. Bass Pro Shops does not discriminate against breeds so you are welcome to bring dogs of any size and breed.

Is Bass Pro Shops Dog Friendly?

is bass pro shops dog friendly

Yes. Bass Pro Shops is a dog friendly retailer that allows all leashed and well-behaved dogs inside their store premises. The retailer is very committed to creating a dog friendly environment in their stores. Bass Pro Shops actually host annual dog days events at many of their locations.

The dog days events are also hosted by Cabela’s which is a subsidiary of Bass Pro Shops. Pet owners who take their dogs to these events are exposed to many fun activities for dogs and humans. The dogs at the events are also granted access to professional animal health experts for medical checkups and analysis.

And since Bass Pro Shops is also a retailer of selected dog products, pet owners will also get significant discounts on selected products in the pets category of the store.

Are Dogs Allowed In Bass Pro Vaughan?

Yes. Dogs are allowed in the Bass Pro Shop in Vaughan Canada. However, all dogs are required to either be carried or securely leashed at all times. Unleashed and misbehaving dogs can be kicked out of the store depending on the leniency of the manager or employees on duty.

Store Name:Bass Pro Vaughan
Pet Policy:Friendly
Location:1 Bass Pro Mills Dr, Vaughan, ON L4K 5W4, Canada
Contact Information:+1 905-761-4000

Are Dogs Allowed In Bass Pro Springfield Mo?

The Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Missouri is very friendly to dogs. Dogs of all sizes and breeds are welcome inside the store as long as they are on a leash and not presenting any dangerous or threatening behavior.

Store Name:Bass Pro Springfield Mo
Pet Policy:Friendly
Location:935 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65807, United States
Contact Information:+1 417-887-7334

Are Dogs Allowed In Bass Pro Memphis?

There are currently two Bass Pro Shops in Memphis and they all allow dogs inside their store premises. The only requirement is that all dogs that enter the store must be on a leash. However, dogs that behave dangerously and threaten other customers may be kicked out of the store.

Store Name:Bass Pro Memphis, Tennessee
Pet Policy:Friendly
Store Locations:1 Bass Pro Dr, Memphis, TN 38105;
6140 Macon Rd, Memphis, TN 38134, United States

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