Are Dogs Allowed In Ace Hardware?

Ace Hardware is the largest hardware retail cooperative and also the largest non-grocery cooperative in the United States. The retailer attracts millions of customers at their stores but many of you might be wondering if dogs are allowed to enter any Ace Hardware store.

This guide covers everything that you need to know about the pet policy of Ace Hardware and what it means to any dog owner who might be reading this article.

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Store Name:Ace Hardware
Pet Policy:Friendly
Headquarters:Oak Brook, Illinois, United States
Number of Locations:5,000+

Does Ace Hardware Allow Dogs?

does Ace Hardware allow dogs

Yes. Does are allowed inside Ace Hardware stores. The retailer does not discriminate against breeds so all dogs are welcome to go into areas where customers are normally permitted. However, Ace Hardware requires that any dog that enters their store be on a leash and well-behaved.

There are many valid reasons to explain why a retailer like Ace Hardware might choose to adopt a pet friendly policy but one that stands out is the fact that Ace Hardware is not a grocery store. Retailers which do not sell groceries and unpackaged food don’t have to comply with strict food safety regulations that might prohibit them from allowing dogs inside their premises.

All dogs are welcome at Ace Hardware stores but customers are encouraged to always maintain hygiene and sanitary standards when inside the store.

Is Ace Hardware Dog Friendly?

is Ace Hardware dog friendly

Ace Hardware is a dog friendly retailer that allows all leashed and well-behaved dogs inside their premises. Dog owners are free to enter any Ace Hardware store with their four-legged friends. However, it is important to understand that all pet owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs when inside an Ace Hardware store.

Pet owners are responsible for the safety of any individual who comes into contact with their dog and customers are also encouraged to clean up any mess left by their dog when inside an Ace Hardware store.

Ace Hardware Dog Policy

The official pet policy of Ace Hardware can be difficult to find on their website and other official communication channels but the bottom line is that dogs are allowed inside Ace Hardware stores as long as the dog is securely leashed and well-behaved.

However, despite their pet friendly policy, Ace Hardware still reserves the right to deny entry to any dog that might be misbehaving, disturbing other customers or damaging store property. It is important for all dog owners to control the behavior of their dog while inside the store because a misbehaving dog can get you kicked out.

Here are some tips for having a great experience when shopping with a dog at Ace Hardware:

  • Give your dog their favorite food before going to the store. It is not a secret that a dog can start misbehaving when hungry so feeding them before the shopping trip can actually help to keep them calm when inside the store.
  • Make sure your dog relieve themselves before entering the store. Having your dog relieve themselves before you enter inside an Ace Hardware store can actually help to avoid leaving any mess inside the store. However, if your dog happens to leave any mess, remember to clean up or ask a store assistant for help.
  • Securely leash your dog. Ace Hardware requires that all dogs that enter their stores be securely leashed and well-behaved so you must always remember to carry your leash.

Are Dogs Allowed In All Ace Hardware Stores?

Dogs are basically allowed inside all Ace Hardware stores but some locations might adopt a no pets policy due to the local laws of the town, county or state of operation. Some Ace Hardware store locations might also deny entry to dogs if they receive many complaints from customers who are not comfortable with having dogs inside that particular store.

The official pet policy of Ace Hardware is that all customers are welcome to bring dogs inside the stores but managers of some locations might disregard this policy due to unique circumstances faced by that particular location.

It is a good idea to contact your local Ace Hardware store regarding their pet policy but you are always guaranteed entry inside many locations.

So, Can You Bring Dogs Into Ace Hardware?

Yes. Customers are allowed to bring dogs inside an Ace Hardware store as long as the dog is securely leashed and well-behaved. Ace Hardware have a pet friendly policy that does not discriminate against breeds so all dogs are always welcome inside their premises.

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