are dogs allowed at Lowe`s

Are Dogs Allowed In Lowe`s?

This is an ultimate guide on Lowe`s pet policy.

I am going to be explaining if dogs are allowed in Lowe`s stores and also breakdown what their pet policy means for dog owners.

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Are Dogs Allowed In Lowe`s?

Question: Are dogs allowed in Lowe`s?

Answer: Lowe`s is one of the many dog friendly stores. Dogs are definitely allowed at Lowe`s and the retail giant has no problem with anybody doing some shopping with their four-legged child. They have very wide aisles that will give your dog a lot of space to walk around as you do your shopping.

So if you would like your dog to accompany you to shopping then Lowe`s can be the best store for you.

Their pet policy is very favorable to pet owners and you will be greatly welcomed by their awesome staff.

Why Is Lowe`s Dog Friendly?

is Lowe`s dog friendly

Different stores have different policies when it comes to allowing pets within their shop premises.

The different pet policies for the stores may vary as a result of many different reasons, for example, most food outlets are strictly no pets zones because they have to maintain sanitary and health standards as indicated by the health code.

And since Lowe`s Stores do not have to comply with strict sanitary and health standards like food outlets, they are one of the many home improvement retailers that have a very lenient pet policy for their stores.

Lowe`s Stores have no problem with you doing some shopping in the company of your dog.

They have some very wide aisles that can give you a lot of space to walk around with your dog on a leash.

But in as much as Lowe`s is a dog friendly retail outlet, it should also be noted that you some of their branches may turn you away if you would like to enter their premises with a dog.

This is because of the the so-called “per manager” policy which allows store managers to amend the overall policies in order to effectively run their own branch.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to firstly give your branch a call before you walk in with your dog although you won`t be turned away in most of Lowe`s branches.

Tips For Shopping With Your Dog At Lowe`s

Shopping with a dog might be really fun but the fact that we live in a society that incorporates people with different backgrounds and personalities may require us to meet a lot of expectations.

The last thing you want is for your dog to do something that might affect other shoppers or the store itself.

It is extremely important to make sure that your dog behaves well as you do your shopping.

So here are some tips that can help you the next time you decide to take your four-legged child for shopping.

  1. Always make sure that your dog is on a leash-This will make it easier for you to control their movement and behavior is you walk around the store.
  2. Make sure that they relieve themselves before your enter the store premises– The last thing you want is for your dog to start peeing when you are inside the store premises.
  3. Feed your dog before going for shopping– Dogs tend to chew anything when their hungry and you definitely don`t want to get in trouble with the store assistance when your dog eat anything inside the store.

Verdict: Does Lowe`s Allow Dogs?

Lowe`s is a pet friendly retailer and they basically allow dogs in most of their stores.

They have very wide aisles that make it very easy to have a dog as you do your shopping.

But some branches may have some restrictions for shopping with dogs so it is always a good idea to firstly call your local branch to verify if they allow dogs in that specific Lowe`s location.