are dogs allowed at Home Depot stores

Are Dogs Allowed In Home Depot?

Question: Are dogs allowed at Home Depot?

Answer: Yes. Dogs are definitely allowed in Home Depot stores and their pet policy has no problem with customers shopping around with their dogs.

This guide will cover everything that you need to know about the Home Depot dog policy.

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Is Home Depot Dog Friendly?

As mentioned earlier, dogs are allowed in Home Depot but in as much as Home Depot is a dog friendly retail outlet, it should also be noted that some of their branches may turn you away if you would like to enter their premises with a dog.

This is because many retailers give room for their store managers to come up with a unique pet policy that suits the needs and conditions of specific branches.

I strongly encourage you to firstly give your branch a call before you walk in with your dog but this is not a problem in many Home Depot locations.

is Home Depot dog friendly

Why Are Dogs Allowed In Home Depot Stores?

There are obviously a number of reasons why stores like Home Depot can choose to allow their customers to shop around with their dogs.

Here are some of the few reasons why dogs are allowed at Home Depot stores…

No Strict Health And Sanitary Standards

Home Depot is a home improvement store and for that reason they do not have to comply with strict health and sanitary standards like food outlets and restaurants;

They are one of the many home improvement retailers like Lowe’s that have a very lenient pet policy for their stores.

Company Culture

Home Depot pride themselves as the one-stop shop that helps customers build a home and for many of us a house without a dog can never be a home.

The Home Depot culture is one that put emphasis on people building homes of their dreams and for that reason they actually allow dogs inside their store premises.

You can easily walk in with your dog and shop as one family with a desire to build a home.

In addition to that, Home Depot actually sell dog supplies like kennels so it is perhaps necessary for them to have a dog friendly policy.

They Have Very Wide Aisles

Home Depot stores have no problem with you doing some shopping in the company of your dog. They have some very wide aisles that can give you a lot of space to walk around with your dog on a leash.

are dogs allowed in home depot

Why Do Stores Have Different Pet Policies?

Different stores have different policies when it comes to allowing pets within their premises.

The different pet policies for the stores may vary as a result of many different reasons, for example, Starbucks is a strictly no pets zone because they have to maintain sanitary and health standards as indicated by the health code.

And even branches of other stores with a lenient pet policy can turn you away if you want to shop around with your pet.

It is always a good idea to inquire with your local branch before walking in with a pet of any kind.

Home Depot Overall Pet Policy

As mentioned earlier, Home Depot have a very lenient pet policy and you can easily walk in at most of their branches your dog as you do some shopping.

However, it can be difficult for you to enter the store if you are accompanied with other pets like cats.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) only recognize dogs as helping or service animals and other animals are not classified as such.

Stores are encouraged to only allow service animals within their premises as defined by ADA so it might be difficult to enter any of the many Home Depot stores with an animal other than a dog.

Remember, you can always call your local branch to confirm if other pets are allowed or not.

But if you have a dog there is a high probability for you to enter even if it is not a registered service animal.

I recently came across a thread in the Home Depot subreddit where this issue was explained.

It was stated that only a few Home Depot stores enforce the service animal only policy but most of them are dog friendly as long as your dog doesn`t leave excrement, wounds, or scare other customers as you shop.

Home Depot pet policy

There are few stores that enforce it, but mostly we’re dog friendly as long as your dog doesn’t leave excrement, wounds, or scare customers during the trip.

The bridge from out policy to where we are now is a combination of the modern day: One is the rise of ’emotional comfort animals’ for psychiatric reasons real and imagined, and another is called the “That doesn’t look like a service animal” problem, wherein people harass possibly disabled customers and it looks horrifically bad from a PR perspective; A bigger issue when everyone has a video camera in their pockets than in previous decades. On top of that, we have a lot of customers that prefer to shop with pets, and we’d rather not turn these customers away.

Home Depot Subreddit

Tips For Shopping With A Dog At Home Depot

Taking your dog for shopping can be a fun experience but it might also be a very stressful thing if you do not set some ground rules for your dog.

The last thing you want as a dog owner is for your dog to cause a scene and embarrass you in public.

So here are some tips and ground rules that you should follow when you decide to take your dog for shopping at any Home Depot store…

Keep Your Dog On A Leash

Keeping your dog on a leash as you move around the store will help you to easily control and keep an eye on everything that they are doing.

Also make sure that the leash is tied securely and comfortable to the dog.

Feed Them Before Shopping

Home Depot is not an everyday food and grocery store so the chances of your dog being tempted with food are very low.

However it is still a very important tip for every pet owner to feed their four-legged friends before they go for shopping.

Some dogs tend to chew and eat anything when they are hungry so feeding them before you go for shopping can be a great strategy for controlling your pet`s manners.

The last thing that you want is for your dog to start eating everything they find in the store as it can be a great embarrassment for you and it might get you into serious trouble with the store managers.

So if you do not want to be chased away from the store, just make sure that you feed your dog before your go for shopping.

Create A Friendly Environment

Stores are usually new environments for dogs and it is your duty as a dog parent to make the environment more friendly for them.

Assure your dog that the store is a friendly place and make shopping a fun experience for them.

This will help your dog enjoy the store environment and keep them from acting funny the next time you do some shopping.

Let Your Dog Relieve Themselves Before Shopping

The last thing you would like to see happening when you take them for shopping is for them to start relieving themselves inside the store premises.

This can get you in serious trouble with the store managers and the result can be you being chased away before you are done shopping.

Save yourself from embarrassment by making sure that your dog relieve themselves before you enter the store premises.

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Verdict: Does Home Depot Allow Dogs?

Home Depot is a pet friendly retailer and they basically allow dogs in most of their stores.

However some branches may have some restrictions for shopping with dogs so it is always a good idea to firstly call your local branch to verify if they allow dogs in that specific Home Depot location.