Are Dogs Allowed In Home Depot Stores?

Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer inside the United States. They have attracted millions of customers because of their high quality products and service but the retailer is still yet to open its doors to our canine friends.

This guide seeks to fully answer one question that Home Depot customers continue to ask; are dogs allowed in Home Depot?

I am going to explain everything that you need to know about the pet policy of Home Depot stores and what it means to the many dog owners who are going to read this article.

Let’s get started.

Store Name:The Home Depot
Pet Policy:Not Friendly (only service animals allowed)
Headquarters:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Number of Locations:2,312 (2021)

Is Home Depot Dog Friendly?

is home depot dog friendly

The Home Depot is not a dog friendly retailer because only service animals are officially allowed inside their stores. However, this is not often the case as many Home Depot store locations have been reported to be allowing dogs as long as they are securely leashed and well behaved.

It is always a good idea to contact your local Home Depot store regarding their pet policy but you should just know that being allowed inside is more of an exception than the norm.

If your local Home Depot store allow dogs that are non-service animals inside their premises you must remember to carry a leash and make sure that the dog is well behaved.

Home Depot Dog Policy

The official pet policy of Home Depot stores is that only service animals are allowed inside their stores. Under ADA, a service animal is any dog that has been individually trained to perform work or tasks for a person with physical or mental disabilities.

However, there are some Home Depot stores that unofficially allow non-service dogs inside their stores as long as they are securely leashed and well behaved.

A Home Depot associate actually voiced about this issue on Reddit and here is what they had to say;

I can’t speak for corporate or every store; but our store welcomes dogs regardless of their employment status.

Hopefully they are well behaved and cleaned up after, but they are more of a perk for many of us associates. Personally, just seeing a happy dog from 50 yards away upticks my mood.

Another Home Depot associate said;

As far as I know there is a rule for only service dogs; as the decal on the doors show but from experience, it seems to be enforced at a store to store level.

Only issue my store in particular has about dogs is that they have to be leashed they will ask you to leave if they are not.

The official pet policy of Home Depot is enforced differently from store to store so I would advise you to call your local branch regarding their policy on dogs and other pets.

Why Does Home Depot Allow Service Dogs?

does home depot allow service dogs

The official no pets policy of Home Depot stores actually exempts service animals because of the crucial role they play in the lives of their owners. It is legally required for stores and institutions to allow service dogs into all areas where customers or stakeholders are normally permitted.

Service dogs are very important to their owners because of the tasks or work they have to perform. A service dog can be individually trained to be a guide to an individual who is blind so they should generally be with their owner at all times.

Does Home Depot Allow Emotional Support Dogs?

Unfortunately, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not recognize emotional support dogs as service animals. All dogs that are solely needed for the purpose of comfort are not regarded as service animals are not allowed inside Home Depot stores according to the official pet policy of the company.

Are Dogs Allowed In Home Depot Canada?

Dogs are officially not allowed inside Home Depot stores in Canada. The retailer is not pet friendly as they only allow service animals inside all their stores including the one in Calgary.

The website of Home Depot Canada has stated that;

The Home Depot Canada follows a strict no animals in-store policy. The safety of our customers and associates is our number one priority. Certified service animals are an exception to this policy and are welcome in our stores.

Only certified service animals are allowed to enter the store but they should be securely leashed and well behaved.

Store Name:Home Depot Canada
Pet Policy:Not Friendly (only service animals allowed)
Number of Locations:Ontario, Canada

Are Dogs Allowed In Home Depot Green Bay?

Dogs are typically allowed inside Home Depot stores in Green Bay as long as they are securely leashed and well behaved. This is an exception of the official pet policy of Home Depot but the Green Bay locations have currently not yet faced any challenge with allowing dogs inside the store.

Store Name:Home Depot Green Bay
Pet Policy:Friendly
Store Locations:810 S Taylor St, +1 920-405-0893;
2595 Eaton Rd, +1 920-465-8237
Store Hours:Mon-Sat: 6AM–10PM;
Sun: 8AM- 8PM

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